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TaxJar Bear

Happy TaxJar Customers

Over 10,000 businesses and developers use TaxJar to save hours on sales tax every month.

To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to help our customers save even more time by creating a time-saving prize package from our amazing partners! We're giving away more than $10K in free tools and services to one lucky customer to grow their business.

Enter the Giveaway


πŸ†1 Million Addressy Credits

Addressy provides a faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses on your eCommerce website.


πŸ†1 Year of Appeagle Premium

Appeagle empowers Amazon sellers with strategic automated repricing and critical insight, elevating their ability to outsmart and dominate the competitive landscape.


πŸ†$828 in Bench Savings

Bench is North America's largest online bookkeeping service. We provide monthly tax-ready financials and smart software to track your financial health. Enter to win 50% off 2017 Catch-Up bookkeeping + 20% off your first six months with Bench.


πŸ†1 Year of Expensify

From receipt scanning to reimbursement, Expensify automates every step of the expense reporting process. Winner gets 1 year free subscription for unlimited submitters.


πŸ†Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100

The ScanSnap iX100 is the world's fastest battery powered ScanSnap. Whether scanning receipts, contracts, recipes, or plastic cards, the iX100 takes scanning beyond the desktop and into your mobile world. Completely wireless and weighing only 14.1 ounces, the iX100 brings mobility and wireless scanning to your PC or Mac as well as iOS or Android device.


πŸ†1 Year of InventoryLab

InventoryLab provides innovative Amazon FBA solutions for researching products, managing inventory, tracking expenses, analyzing profitability and more.


πŸ†1 Year of MerchantWords Global

Uncover highly specific keyword phrases that help buyers find what you are selling on Amazon and other marketplaces.


πŸ†6 Months of Payoneer

Are you selling on International Marketplaces? Get paid by the biggest marketplaces that trust in Payoneer as their payment provider.


πŸ†1 Year of Sellbrite

One lucky winner will receive ONE FREE YEAR of Sellbrite, the top-rated multi-channel commerce software for brands and retailers!


πŸ†1 Year of Scope

Discover profitable Amazon keywords and products. Improve your paid and organic search ranking by seeing high-traffic keywords directly on Amazon.


πŸ†1 Year of ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ is the most sophisticated rate calculation and rules engine of its time, allowing eCommerce merchants to offer the best possible shipping rates and options at checkout. We are offering a free one year subscription for our service.


πŸ†1 Year of TaxJar

TaxJar makes sales tax filing easier for more than 10,000 online sellers and merchants across the world.


πŸ†1 Year of TeikaMetrics

Using machine learning, Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer captures billions of data points to intelligently automate your Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns. Sellers can leverage their wealth of data to take full control of their Amazon advertising.


πŸ†1 Year of Trello Gold

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

1,000 Paying Customers

1 Year 3 Months

September 2014

TaxJar Bear

5,000 Paying Customers

2 Years 10 Months

April 2016

TaxJar Bear

10,000 Paying Customers

4 Years 3 Months

September 2017

TaxJar Bear

Apr 15, 2013

Date of First TaxJar Customer


Transactions Processed by TaxJar in 2017


Hours Saved by TaxJar Customers


πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» Employees


🚘 Hours Spent Not Commuting to Work


πŸ’¬ Chat Messages


πŸ‘‹ Video Conferences

April 13

Amazon Integration Launch

April 15

πŸŽ‰ First Paying Customer

June 27

πŸ“£ First Press Mention in eCommerce Bytes

August 28

πŸ› Shopify Integration Launch

September 4

🀠 First Full Timer Hired (Bernd Ustorf)

October 22

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’Ό TaxJar Pro Launched for Tax Professionals

November 1

✏️ Jennifer Dunn Starts Blogging for TaxJar

November 20

100 Paying Customers

January 1

Kevin Reeth and Mark Faggiano's Official First Day

February 1

Matt Anderson's First Day

February 10

Etsy Integration Launch

February 19

SmartCalcs v1 Launch

April 23

Magento Integration Launch

May 5

500 Paying Customers

June 24

Passed $50k in All-Time Revenue

September 4

Square Integration Launch

September 18

1,000 Paying Customers

September 26

WooCommerce Integration Launch

February 23

Jarfest 1 in San Diego

April 6

Aisha Ford's First Day

June 1

Jake Johnson's First Day

June 8

Jennifer Dunn's First Day

June 24

SmartCalcs v2 Deployed

July 6

TaxJar.com Site Redesigned

July 6

TaxJar's First Sales Tax API Client

September 17

Tom Spang's First Day

September 18

TaxJar Developer Portal Introduced

September 23

Alec Carper's First Day

October 5

Ryan Thompson's First Day

October 13

Jarfest 2 in San Diego

January 26

100MM Transactions in TaxJar

February 16

Stripe Integration Launched

February 23

Jarfest 3 in San Diego

Jarfest 3 Team
April 7

5,000 Paying Customers

April 12

Magento Premier Partnership Announced at Magento Imagine

May 19

Lizzy Greenburg's First Day

September 13

Jarfest 4 in St. Louis

Jarfest 4 Team
October 6

Jonathan Hinkle's First Day

October 17

Life @ TaxJar

October 31

Jenniffer Nevarez and Corin Schedler's First Day

November 17

Graham Martin's First Day

November 21

Melody Caron's First Day

December 5

Justin Cypret's First Day

January 30

Matt Campbell's First Day

January 31

Tom Mango's First Day

February 7

Jarfest 5 in Austin

Jarfest 5 Team
March 20

Aya Ford's First Day

June 30

50 State AutoFile Announced

July 17

Carlos Rodriguez's First Day

August 4

350MM Transactions in TaxJar

September 5

Steffani Pace's First Day

September 18

Evan Simon's First Day

September 25

Jarfest 6 in Boston

September 28

10,000 Amazing Customers