Easy & automatic sales tax reports for online sales

Turn a low-margin, time-intensive service into an automated, profitable foundation of your practice.

What pros say about TaxJar

“TaxJar has made life much easier. I no longer have to go through spreadsheets and reports to determine what was delivered to where. I can go to my clients profile through my linked accountant access and TaxJar tells me what was sold into what taxing jurisdiction. It saves me tons of time, and my clients a lot of money because it takes me less time. ”

- George Sleeman, EA, owner of Tax Man To You

Prepare and file client sales tax returns in minutes, not hours

With a couple of clicks, your clients can link their online store to TaxJar, allowing us to pull in all of their order and sales tax history.

Are your clients multi-channel? No worries - we also connect to top marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Now you can have one place to organize and summarize all of their sales tax obligations.

Best of all, TaxJar rolls up tax obligation at both the state AND LOCAL level, so you have everything you need to file returns in minutes.

Sales and taxes collected by local jurisdiction

Manage all of your clients from one place

TaxJar Accountant dashboard

Invite each client to join with a single email address. We'll notify you when they've signed up and linked their e-commerce account(s).

See all of your clients at a glance through a single dashboard, with summarized information and upcoming filing deadlines.

Keep control of your billing

TaxJar charges you directly for the service. Your clients never see the cost, allowing you to charge what you like. Increase your own profits or pass on the savings to your clients. It's entirely up to you.

Receive a single monthly bill with all of your client activity outlined.

TaxJar Accountant Billing

Frequently asked questions

Do I get billed or do my clients?

You get a single bill for all clients under your account. This way, you can charge your clients in any way you see fit.

How much will I get billed?

You will get billed based on the plan that applied to each client (view our pricing plans here.) Each client will fall under an appropriate plan based on their transaction volume. Your total bill will equal the combined monthly costs of the different plans your clients fall under.

When will I be billed?

You will be charged each month, starting 30 days after your first client's trial period begins.

If one of my clients is already on TaxJar, do they need to cancel their account?

No, simply email them an invitation using the same email address, and, when they accept, the billing will automatically transfer over to you at the next billing cycle.

Tax Pros: Prepare and File Sales Tax in Minutes, Not Hours

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