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AutoFile Process

*New AutoFile Customers will receive one (1) $19.95 refund for AutoFile fees

for a January return in FL or PA.

Normal subscription pricing applies, Enroll in PA by 1/16/17 12:00 PM EST, and FL by 1/11/17 by 12:00AM EST.

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AutoFile Features

What is AutoFile?

AutoFile is the name of TaxJar’s electronic filing service for state sales tax. Once you enroll, TaxJar will use the information we receive from your eCommerce providers & marketplaces to prepare and submit returns to the state, along with payments.

How much does AutoFile cost?

AutoFile costs $19.95 per filing to the state. This fee is in addition to our normal TaxJar monthly subscription fees starting at $19/mo.

For filings in January, we'll refund you (1) $19.95 fee for a return in either PA or FL. This makes filing FREE for you this January!

Is AutoFile required? Can I file on my own?

Yes, you always have the option to choose to file on your own or to have us AutoFile for you. TaxJar will create a “return-ready” report for each state where you file, meaning it often only takes minutes to complete your state returns by filling in the blanks on your state's filing website. (as opposed to hours without TaxJar).

What do I need to enroll in AutoFile?

To enroll in AutoFile, you'll need to sign up for TaxJar (you'll need to upgrade from your trial) and have linked your eCommerce providers and marketplaces to TaxJar.

To AutoFile your return, we'll need a state sales tax registration, Tax ID, state filing credentials and a US based bank account.

Learn How TaxJar AutoFile Works

Sign Up Anytime

Once you've signed up for TaxJar, we'll import all of your sales tax information from the places you sell.

Once you've set up your account, all it takes is a single click to enroll in AutoFile.

Sign-up up to 4 days before the state's deadline in PA, and 8 days in FL. We'll begin preparing your filing right after you click!

*For states outside of FL or PA, sign-up closes after the 4th of the month.

Submit Your Return

To submit your AutoFile, you'll need a state sales tax registration, Tax ID, state filing credentials and a US based bank account.

You need an active checking or savings account to withdraw the money needed to pay the sales tax you owe the state.

We use state of the art encryption for this information, and never withdraw money for purposes other than paying the state. More on that here.

Check Status & View Confirmation

After we've completed your filing, you'll be able to login to TaxJar and view your history (and a PDF from the state confirming for your return).

You're sales tax is now on auto-pilot. Future returns will automatically be filed with AutoFile.

Sit back, relax, and spend your time doing something you love.

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