[Webinar] Magento Commerce: Why Sales Tax Automation Should be Part of Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

by Courtney Kubitza May 27, 2014

In the face of the global pandemic, it’s easy to see why omnichannel retail has regained momentum. As more customers shop online, companies are in search of ways to distinguish themselves from competitors. Building a seamless, integrated customer experience across multiple touch-points and devices has become more than a competitive advantage – it’s a necessity.

As your business expands more opportunities and channels available to your customer, what does this mean for sales tax compliance?

Join our webinar on Thursday, May 27 at 4pm ET to learn how Magento Commerce businesses can activate more online and hybrid channels to better serve their customer without unknowingly exposing themselves to nexus laws of multiple states.

During the webinar, hear from our sales tax experts to learn:

  • E-commerce trends that are accelerating omnichannel adoption in retail
  • Challenges and best practices to consider when activating an omnichannel strategy
  • What to do when increased online sales volume triggers economic nexus in new states
  • How Magento Commerce businesses can track, collect and remit sales tax in a more manageable way.

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The basics of US sales tax

Learn the fundamentals of sales tax.

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