Action Alert: Contact Your Representative to Oppose the Marketplace Fairness Act

by Mark Faggiano March 10, 2014

US Congress at Sunset

Having trouble figuring out how to comply with all the state sales taxes? Frustrated with how complicated the process is with paying to this state and that local/city/whatever rate at the same time? Well, we’re sorry to say that it’s likely going to get worse – but you can do something.

The House Judiciary Committee plans on holding a hearing March 10th to talk about internet sales tax solutions. Among solutions mentioned will almost certainly be the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA), the sales tax legislation backed by large retailers and state governments alike that would force sellers to comply with difficult sales tax burdens. It’s the reason you’re going to have to figure out dozens upon dozens of tax rates just for selling online. In a previous blog post, TaxJar’s founder, Mark Faggiano, laid out all the reasons this bill is unfair to online sellers.

Pro-MFA groups – including large retailers like Wal-Mart – are likely rallying at this moment to lobby everybody they can get their hands on to make the bill pass. However, this is not the time to sit back and be annoyed in silence. Contact your representative’s district office today, tomorrow, and every day until March 4th to make sure they know you are extremely unhappy about the MFA possibly passing. Get your friends, family, neighbors, and even enemies to join you as well.

The more voices out there trying to stop this thing the better for us all. As Mark pointed out in the blog post, TaxJar could stand to make a lot of money if the MFA passed, but that’s not what we’re all about. Online selling is the future and bills like the MFA are making it exponentially difficult for these small businesses, the backbones of America, to operate.

It seems daunting, but if we band together we can do defeat this terrible bill and get online selling back on track!

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