TaxJar Plus vs Avalara AvaTax

Trying to choose between TaxJar Plus and AvaTax? We’ve calculated the costs to you in the first 12 months of using each product. See if you can spot the difference.

TaxJar Plus


(first 12 months) Schedule a demo

Avalara AvaTax


(first 12 months)

* Approximate pricing is based on a similar amount of transactions for TaxJar Plus and AvaTax

Feature Comparison

TaxJar's mission is to make ecommerce easier for everyone by simplifying sales tax. Here's a breakdown of all the features a company needs to grow without worrying about sales tax.

Feature Comparison:

TaxJar Plus

Advanced Sales Tax Reporting

Automatic Filing in All States

Notice Management Service

Accuracy, Filing and Product Guarantee

Dedicated Account Management

Multi-Login Account Access

Product Taxibility Codes

One Click eCommerce Integrations

Marketplace Integrations

Uptime SLA

24/7 Support

No Fees vs AvaFees

Great sales tax software shouldn’t come with thousands of dollars in hidden fees.

Fee Comparison:

TaxJar Plus

Account Activation

Additional Fee

Go-Live Support

Additional Fee

Filing Activation

Additional Fee*

Developer Sandbox

Additional Fee*

Platform Integrations / RESTful API Access

Additional Fee*

Premium Support

Additional Fee*



* Annual recurring fees

Work With a Company That Cares About Its Employees

Happy employees make for world-class software and attentive customer support

TaxJar Employees
Love TaxJar

Glassdoor Rating

5 / 5


100% of TaxJar employees would recommend TaxJar to a friend

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Avalara Employees
Don't Love Avalara

Glassdoor Rating

2.9 / 5


47% of Avalara employees would recommend Avalara to a friend

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Want to know more about why TaxJar employees love TaxJar? Read about our company culture at our Life at TaxJar blog.


We all know technology changes rapidly. You deserve a company that does and always will harness the latest technology to save you time and money.

TaxJar Plus
Most of our integrations and plugins are built and maintained in-house by eCommerce expert developers.
Most integrations outsourced to 3rd parties.
We also have impressive 99.99% uptime.
We're continually doing load testing and improving our API so that we're able to support large retailers on their largest volume days.
Avalara is committed to providing a minimum service uptime of 99.5%. Certain customers can purchase a higher Service Level Agreement if they need a higher service availability.

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