TaxJar vs. Avalara

Get the breakdown on how TaxJar compares against Avalara.

Trying to choose between TaxJar and Avalara? Here's a breakdown based on what you really need to know to make an informed decision.


Your sales tax compliance solution should come standard with transparent pricing that grows only as your business grows.

TaxJar Avalara
We offer a 30-day free trial on all products. No credit card required. No setup fees, cancellation fees, hidden fees or forced annual contracts. Beware of setup fees, annual contracts and cancellation fees.
Set up an account and get started without speaking to someone in sales or customer support. You’re pushed to talk to a salesperson to get pricing. Who has time for that?
Modern, innovative technology means we can pass on the savings to customers. Confusing and time-intensive implementation. Shouldn’t technology make things easy?
Our calculations start at just $0.02 cents per transaction. Calculations start at $0.20 cents per transaction.
We offer simple, transparent pricing. We’d link to their pricing, but we can’t find it.
The TaxJar model, which has different tiers based on volume, seemed a far more appropriate way of charging.
Dan Rosenberg, COO of
after switching from Avalara's AvaTax to TaxJar

Product Experience

Your sales tax compliance solution should be easy to implement and use, not yet another chore.

We encourage everyone to compare our product to any alternative. That’s why we offer a no-risk 30-day free trial. Sign up and give TaxJar a try right away with no waiting.

Test us out on:

  • Ease of Use – Our setup is simple, intuitive and quick.
  • Speed - Your data is downloaded to TaxJar in minutes to hours rather than days.
  • Customer Support – Try us now. Ask a question!
  • Accuracy – See our Accuracy Guarantee.

With Avalara, you won’t be able to use most products without talking to a salesperson first. If you get far enough to try for free, see the differences in user experience for yourself.

We were having to export .csv files out of our system, import them into Avalara and then deduplicate the data so we didn’t over report.
Jeff McRitchie, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at MyBinding (Read More)


If you’re going to trust a company with a vital part of your business, you need to be sure they’ll have your back. Our calculations are over 99% accurate and use modern technology, so they’re a fraction of the cost of our competitors’.

TaxJar Avalara
We offer an Accuracy Guarantee up to 2x what you paid us over the past 12 months. Offers an Accuracy Guarantee up to 1x the cost of AvaTax.
We never involve your customers with sales tax disputes. Period. Guarantee includes re-billing your customers for uncollected tax.
I'm a CPA and wouldn’t dream of running my business without TaxJar.
Georgene Harkness


We all know technology changes rapidly. You deserve a company that does and always will harness the latest technology to save you time and money.

TaxJar Avalara
We're a technology company 100% focused on solving sales tax hassles for businesses. Acquired companies to offer all kinds of tax services like lodging tax, excise tax, communications tax, etc. No real focus and lots of acquired technologies that are loosely glued together.
All of our integrations and plugins are built and maintained in-house by eCommerce experts. Most integrations built by 3rd parties.

We also provide a backup service so your checkout never slows down or breaks.

We offer a 30-day free API trial for all developers. No upfront commitment. Begin making API calls and tests within minutes.


At the end of the day, you just want to work with a company that will solve your problem so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

TaxJar Avalara
At TaxJar, we strongly believe that business owners are highly capable of making their own business decisions. That’s why we're transparent in giving you all the knowledge you need to handle sales tax. Known for pushy salespeople and fear-based marketing. Uses scare-tactics like inaccuracy and threat of audits to confuse customers into paying for expensive and unnecessary services.

You be the judge. Try a 30-day free trial of TaxJar today.