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Understanding sales tax nexus for your business (9 mins)

This quick video answers a few of our most common questions: What does sales tax nexus really mean anyways? And why does it matter and how do you find out where your business has sales tax nexus?

How to register for a sales tax permit (3 mins)

It's time to register to begin collecting sales tax for your business in the states where you have nexus. Learn where to begin and what you'll need to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Tierra Buena handles multi-channel marketplace sales tax with ease

When Washington-state resident Tammy Pal of Tierra Buena Company started selling her Pure Clay® on Amazon, she assumed that Amazon would collect and remit the sales tax. When she realized that wasn’t the case, she was unsure where to turn.

“The tax thing was so stressful that I almost cried,” she said. But then her CPA recommended TaxJar.

“Amazon doesn’t give you understandable sales tax reports,” Tammy said. Now I use TaxJar, and TaxJar saves me approximately 10-15 hours per quarter vs. trying to figure out sales tax with just Amazon’s report. Before AutoFile I was reading numbers off to my assistant who was entering them into the Texas website. Thank goodness for AutoFile.”


Saved Time

10-15 hours

per quarter

Implementation Time

> 1 hour

Favorite Feature

TaxJar AutoFile

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