10,000 Thank You’s

by Mark Faggiano October 26, 2017

One of the coolest things about working at TaxJar is that our team thinks BIG. As the company goal-setter, I learned pretty quickly that incremental or small goals weren’t challenging enough for this group. This team wants grand, audacious goals that seem impossible when we set them.

We set our first big goal when we were still brand new. At the time, we had a little over 100 paying customers and our revenue was… less than meaningful.
But when we set the goal to hit 1,000 paying customers and profitability, the team was excited. We wanted to build a long-term, sustainable business where we could control our destiny, and this would put us on that path.
At the same time you could sense the collective gulp among us, along with “How exactly are we doing to get there?”

The same thing happened when we got to 1,000 customers. Someone asked what the next goal was. We all knew the answer. TEN THOUSAND. The excitement level ramped up. We all knew that when we got to 10,000 paying customers it was a sign that we had done something really special while saving our customers a whole lot of time and headaches.
Almost three years to the day after celebrating 1,000 customers, we reached the 10,000 customer milestone.
Proud is the only word that comes to mind. I’m so proud of the team. Every single day I’m blown away by their intellect, their selflessness, and their never-ending hunger to make our company the best it can be.
As happy as I am for the team and as thankful as I am to our investors and our partners (without whom we would not have reached this goal), this milestone is really all about our customers.
We’ve been extremely lucky over the last 4+ years to have such incredible customers. They have challenged us, enlightened us, and have renewed our passion to make businesses of all shapes and sizes as successful as they can be.
By our estimation, we’ve saved our customers 720,000 hours dealing with sales tax. That’s time that business owners can spend growing their businesses, taking a much-deserved vacation, or spending time with their families. After all, that’s what controlling your own destiny is all about.
Having the opportunity to grow with our customers and save them time not having to deal with sales tax is incredibly rewarding. And humbling.
So now it’s our turn to give something back. In the spirit of saving time, we worked with our generous partners to give away more than $10K of tools that will better the lives of our customers. Just click the link here to visit our site and enter the giveaway:

TaxJar 10k Business Tools Giveaway

There may or may not be a way to order a FREE TaxJar t-shirt on this page, too

What’s next for TaxJar?

While I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of customers, I also want to pledge to you that we feel like we’re just getting started.
Our vision remains clear – to make sales tax compliance disappear for eCommerce merchants all over the globe. And not just for SMBs, either. Merchants generating tens to hundreds of millions in revenue per year are now using our platform. I’d like to think by relentlessly listening to our customers, learning from our mistakes, and hiring the very best people we can find across the country that 100,000 customers (and billions of hours saved) is well within our reach.
I hope you’ll stay with us as we continue on our journey with TaxJar. Do you have questions or something to say? Start the conversation in the comments below.
Thank you from TaxJar to our 10,000 customers

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