I Heart TaxJar; I Heart Mom

by Carrie Almany October 15, 2019

A glimpse into “Take Your Child to Work Day”, from our Head of AutoFile, remote style!
As I was in the middle of the crazy rush of making dinner and checking sports schedules, carpools and making sure the kids were working on their homework, my youngest son, Carter, asked me – “Hey mom, can I go with you to take your child to work day tomorrow?”
I stopped what I was doing, raised my eyebrow and looked at him. He had a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face. I knew exactly what he was scheming, “I’ll get to stay home and play Fortnite all day because my mom “just works from home.”

Take Your Child to Work Day – The TaxJar Way

My immediate split-second reaction was to tell him that he could go to work with his dad. But then I paused and asked myself why it should be any different just because I work remotely. I thought,  “What better way to prepare the next generation’s workforce to not only be more open to remote work than mine, but embrace and capitalize on all the benefits remote work brings than have him “go” to work with me?” I can demonstrate that I have the opportunity to not only socialize and interact with my coworkers similar to a traditional office environment, but I can also fulfill my roles and responsibilities in an even more productive manner. 
The next morning we dropped off his older brother and younger sister at their schools (yes, 4 children in 4 different schools) and treated ourselves to Starbucks before heading home, I mean, to work. I usually work from a dedicated home office, complete with a standing desk and a desk treadmill courtesy of TaxJar, as well as two snoring dogs but we set up shop on the dining room table instead.
Remote Working Parents

Getting to Work

Carter  was immediately immersed in all aspects of my day. I set him up on BaseCamp, which is where we live and breathe as a team. It is a place where we are part of teams and cross-functional projects where we can all chat, post on message boards, create to-do’s, house documents and files and keep up on projects and initiatives that we are a part of. 
He enjoyed introducing himself to members of the team: Remote Working Parents
…and sending group pings using his favorite emoji as much as possible – 💰. 
(Matthew is our sales leader, by the way 😂). 
He had fun interacting with various team members via our video communications tool, Zoom, and saw that interacting with someone on a computer screen is very similar to interacting with someone sitting across from you at a conference room table. He learned all about sales tax and took notes regarding things I do during my day:  
Remote Working Parents
Yes, these are all things that I do every day. One definitely stuck out to me more than the others – I love that he noted that I have fun while working. How many people are lucky enough to say that?!
Closing thoughts
I can truly say that I have fun every day at TaxJar. We’ve hired the best people that I’ve ever had the chance of working with in my career spanning more than 20 years. We laugh, we cry, we support each other, we continually work to solve complex problems and we are each passionate about making our customers’ lives easier in the complicated world of sales tax. We’ve integrated life with work and even have a Kids @ TaxJar chat group where we share our kids’ most embarrassing moments and antics from days just like this one. 
What felt like a simple exercise of showing my son how I work was a learning experience for both of us. Carter got to experience life at TaxJar for a day. He was able to see that work can be fun, rewarding and productive without having to jump in a car to commute, subsequently missing things happening at home. By participating in “Take Your Child to Work Day,” TaxJar Style, I was struck by how lucky I am to have this level of work-life integration, and realized just how powerful remote life is for us, and our children. 

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