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What TaxJar will do for your business

  • Centralize your business’s sales tax information in a single dashboard
  • Save hours on returns by providing fully automated sales tax remittance with TaxJar AutoFile™
  • Provide real-time sales tax calculations during checkout with our SmartCalcs™ API
  • Put your sales tax on auto-pilot

Before TaxJar, sales tax was a manual affair for this luxury watch company.

MVMT spent three 10-hour days going through and calculating sales tax, running reports and figuring out the amount of sales tax collected in every jurisdiction.

The team was drawn to TaxJar's friendly and accessible sales tax content. "When you try to read these terms on government websites all the jargon makes no sense!" Our sales tax blog made it easy to understand and helped MVMT learn what they needed to know fast.

After choosing TaxJar for their sales tax automation solution, MVMT has been able to save those 30+ hours and get back to the profitable parts of running their business.


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Manual time saved

30 hours

Implementation time

<1 hour

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