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TaxJar Plus provides premium service, support, and performance for businesses & developers looking to save time
and eliminate sales tax headaches.

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We were built for modern eCommerce

Our ability to handle multi-channel with ease means you’re one step closer to saving hours and avoiding headaches. Your data seamlessly imports into TaxJar within minutes.

Fastest growing sales tax solution in the world

Our technology-first and customer-focused approach means we’re easy to work with. It’s no surprise that we support more than 10,000 businesses today and continue to grow.

TaxJar Plus Is Your Complete Sales Tax Solution

From calculations to reporting to filing, Plus customers manage everything sales tax with ease.

TaxJar Reports

TaxJar Reports will save hours on your eCommerce sales tax filings by organizing your sales data into easy to read, return-ready state reports. TaxJar Reports starts at $19/mo, includes unlimited cart integrations and outstanding TaxJar support.

SmartCalcs API

SmartCalcs, the leading sales tax API from TaxJar provides eCommerce merchants with real-time sales tax rates & calculations. SmartCalcs API will reduce the development cost and time to launch by instantly providing your business with accurate sales tax rates at checkout.

TaxJar AutoFile

TaxJar AutoFile automatically submits your sales tax returns to the states in which you have signed up. Our customers never miss a due date with AutoFile. After enrolling once, TaxJar will file your sales tax returns every time, automatically.

TaxJar Plus Plans Offer Your Business...

Premium Support

  • Dedicated account management
  • Customized getting started & go-live support
  • Expanded 24/7 support hours
  • Prioritized queues for email and phone support
  • Sandbox environment
  • Data archive access for previous years sales tax reports and returns

Guaranteed Performance

  • Pre-built eCommerce integations to Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Walmart & more
  • Guaranteed uptime SLA of 99.99%
  • RESTful SmartCalcs API supports all major code languages
  • Single TaxJar account for multiple sales channels
  • Enroll in AutoFile to seamlessly file returns & remit payment to any state

At TaxJar, We Focus on Our Customers