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$19/ mo $17/ mo(billed yearly)
Up to 1,000 transactions per month


$99/ mo $89/ mo(billed yearly)
Up to 10,000 transactions per month


$199/ mo $179/ mo(billed yearly)
Up to 50,000 transactions per month


$499/ mo $449/ mo(billed yearly)
Up to 200,000 transactions per month


$999/ mo $899/ mo(billed yearly)
Up to 500,000 transactions per month

And Beyond

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Over 500,000 transactions per month

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TaxJar Basic Plans Include

  • Automatic sync with your shopping carts and eCommerce channels
  • Return-ready sales tax reports for every state
  • State and local level sales tax reports
  • Upload additional data via CSV
  • Access to enroll in AutoFile to automate your sales tax filings in any state
  • Support for your shipping taxability in different states
  • Support for both origin-based and destination-based sales tax sourcing
  • Detection of sales tax over-collection or under-collection
  • Helpful and amazingly fast response times from our TaxJar Success Team
When I started my business, there were just a handful of things that I thought I might not be able to do, and one of them was sales tax. I felt like I was staring up the White Cliffs of Dover, and TaxJar came up in a turbocharged helicopter, lifted me up and I was on my way.
Brian Nash,

Common Questions

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Why should I use TaxJar?

TaxJar offers automated sales tax reporting and filing for multi-channel online sellers. Connect the online shopping carts and/or marketplaces where you sell just one time and we’ll download the data and prepare it so you can easily file sales tax returns in the states you have nexus.

We also offer the AutoFile feature which automatically files your returns on your behalf.

Don't Amazon and other eCommerce platforms automatically collect sales tax and help me file?

Platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify help you collect sales tax, but that’s it. They don’t help you with reporting or filing. That’s where TaxJar will save you hours of effort each month, quarter or year depending on how often you are required to file.

What if I already have a CPA?

That’s okay. Lots of TaxJar customers have CPAs. In fact, their CPAs find TaxJar’s reporting to be super helpful and save a bunch of time when it’s time to file sales tax returns.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No way. No contracts. No setup fees. No cancellation fees.

What happens if I go over my plan’s transaction limit, such as during the holidays?

If you go over your transaction limit during a single month, we will charge you the difference between the TaxJar plan you’re on and the price of the plan that matches your transaction volume for the month when the overage occurred.

Is the per-state cost of AutoFile included in my monthly fee?

No. AutoFile is an additional fee and is charged any time we file a sales tax return for you.

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