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See where your business meets economic nexus or notice & report requirements

The ONLY automated tool to see where your business is required to collect sales tax

How Does This Help My Business?

With the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling, TaxJar knows a lot of businesses are looking to see where they may have new sales tax requirements. We created this service to save you time to see where you exceed these state-specific economic thresholds in just a few minutes.

Sales & Transactions Checker will show you:

  • Specific states where you exceed economic thresholds
  • The amount of revenue you've generated in these states
  • The number of transactions you've made in these states
  • Next steps if you have new state sales tax requirements

How Does it Work?

Start a free trial and connect TaxJar to the places where you sell

We offer a simple one-click connection to your shopping carts and marketplaces. Once connected, we'll begin importing your sales data into TaxJar.

TaxJar needs all of your data to determine where your sales have exceeded economic thresholds in each state.

Economic Nexus Checker Connect
Economic Nexus Checker Start

Find the Sales Tax & Transactions Checker on your dashboard

It's now time to begin the check. Navigate to the right side of your Dashboard and click the green box that says "Check for economic nexus."

In just a few minutes, TaxJar will automatically summarize the number of transactions and the amount of revenue for each state where economic nexus and notice & report laws have been passed.

View your results

See a list of all of the states where your sales and/or transactions have exceeded that state's economic threshold. Read through our recommended steps on beginning to comply with sales tax in a new state.

Economic Nexus Checker Results
Economic Nexus Checker AutoFile

Automate with TaxJar

Now that you've connected TaxJar to the places you sell, continue using your free trial to manage your sales tax and enroll in AutoFile.

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What is Economic Nexus?

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state in South Dakota v. Wayfair, economic nexus laws are now an important part of how a business determines if they need to comply with a state's sales tax law. This map shows the states where these laws have been passed, are planned, or if the new law is pending litigation.

State has economic nexus law

State has notice and report law

State law is pending litigation

State will have a future law

*Click on a state to view specific laws

Common Questions

Feel free to contact us if you can't find the answer to your question. We're happy to help you.

What are sales tax economic nexus laws?

State economic nexus laws require that online sellers collect sales tax in that state if certain sales thresholds are met. For example, “If an online seller, even though they don’t have a physical presence in our state, makes more than $X in sales in our state, or conducts more than X number of transactions in our state, then they are required to collect sales tax from buyers in our state.”

Current state laws on economic nexus vary. The sales thresholds vary from $10,000 to $500,000 in sales, and some states don’t have a transaction threshold at all. You can read more about economic nexus laws here.

What are notice & report laws?

States with “notice & report” laws are similar to economic nexus laws in that they require all sellers who meet either a revenue (ex: $100,000/year) or transaction count (ex: 200 transactions) threshold to comply with the state’s sales tax law.

But they are different in that the seller who meets the threshold can elect to do one of two things 1) Collect sales tax from buyers in that state 2) Send a series of notices to both the buyer and the state reporting how much sales tax you buyer would have paid if you had collected sales tax.

This checker will also show you if you meet the notice & report thresholds in a state. For more info, read our blog post about notice & report laws in each state.

Does physical presence still matter now that there are economic nexus laws?

Economic nexus is not a replacement for physical presence sales tax nexus laws. Instead, it is just another way that a seller can have sales tax nexus in a state. You are now legally required to comply with sales tax laws in a state if you meet either that state's physical presence requirements or its economic nexus requirements.

I have multiple online stores for my business, can TaxJar support me?

No problem. We can connect to multiple eCommerce stores such as Amazon, PayPal, Shopify and other shopping carts. If you use a cart we don’t integrate with, you can easily upload a .csv file of your transactions.

How much does the Sales & Transactions Checker cost?

For a limited time, the Sales & Transactions Checker is FREE.

Starting a free trial of TaxJar’s service is required to use this feature. Simply connect your account to the places where you sell and we’ll provide you with the sales & transactions checker at no charge.

How much does TaxJar cost?

We offer a FREE 30-day trial for all customers to see if TaxJar is the right fit for you. No credit card required. After the trial it’s time to choose a plan for your business.

We offer a self-service option, TaxJar Basic, starting at $17/month and a premium solution, TaxJar Plus, with expanded support, onboarding and customized features. Here's our pricing page to learn more.

I have a custom built website, can I still use TaxJar?

Of course. Check out SmartCalcs, our sales tax API and read our documentation to get started.

Can TaxJar file my sales tax returns automatically for me?

Yes. With AutoFile you can file sales tax returns in every state. Each AutoFile is an additional fee per filing.

Where can I ask questions?

If you meet economic nexus thresholds in some states, we recommend speaking with a vetted sales tax expert to determine your course of action.

You can also view the top 30 questions from our South Dakota v. Wayfair webinar.

Do you help with sales tax registrations?

Yes. To get started, visit TaxJar’s DIY instructions for every state. Or if you‘d like to have an expert register for you, visit (~$100 each state not including state’s fees).

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