TaxJar for Tax Advisors

TaxJar’s modern cloud platform simplifies sales tax management for accounting firms. We automate your time-intensive, low-margin tasks, so you can save time and money while reducing compliance risk for your e-commerce clients. Our Partner Program unlocks resources that help you make sales tax compliance a profitable function of your business.

How TaxJar works for tax advisors

We’ve designed a dashboard especially for tax advisors, making it convenient to view and manage all your customer accounts in one place.

Step 1

Create your free Tax Advisor Partner account

Register as a partner and add your e-commerce customers to your tax advisor dashboard.

Step 2

Link your customers’ TaxJar accounts to your dashboard

We’ll notify you when your customers have signed up for TaxJar and integrated their e-commerce platforms.

Step 3

Track your customers’ sales tax status

View sales tax reports, updated daily, to see sales tax collection data and filing due dates.

Step 4

Automatically submit tax returns

Use TaxJar AutoFile to submit sales tax returns on behalf of your customers in every state or jurisdiction in which they are enrolled.

Automated sales tax filing

Use TaxJar AutoFile to automatically submit sales tax returns for each customer. Save money for your customers, or generate revenue for your business, with bulk filing discounts.

Return-ready, jurisdiction- level reporting

Prepare and file client tax returns in minutes. TaxJar syncs with your customers’ e-commerce platforms and automatically generates easy-to-read reports that break down sales tax collected by jurisdiction.

Multi-channel support

View accurate state reporting across all channels and transaction types, including exempt sales and deductions for marketplace sales in marketplace facilitator states.

Full customer visibility and notifications

Manage your customers’ accounts from a single dashboard, including their current liability and upcoming deadlines. Get notified whenever an event occurs on a customer’s account that requires your attention.

Grow your business with TaxJar

TaxJar helps you stay organized and efficient while providing more customers with the best possible service.

Save time and reduce costs

Automating administrative tasks gives you more time to focus on providing your own expertise to your customers.

Control your margins

Increase your profits by managing TaxJar billing for your customers and charging them directly for the service.

Reduce risk

Avoid missed deadlines and human error with tools to ensure that returns are always filed correctly and on time.

Build customer relationships

Seamless sales tax management, along with a wealth of educational resources, help you offer the best service to your customers.

Engage new and existing customers

Spread the word about your services through co-marketing opportunities and customer referrals from TaxJar.

Help us serve you better

Become part of our user testing and feedback groups and add input on your experience as a Tax Advisor Partner.

Get support when you need it

Truly exceptional support

Our team will help guide you through the onboarding process. Enjoy prioritized queues for email conversations and get help solving technical issues.

Get up and running, fast

TaxJar makes it easy for both you and your customers to get set up quickly. Our educational resources and knowledge base are available to help when needed.

In-house research team

We keep up with changes to sales tax laws, so you don’t have to. From economic nexus laws to ever-changing tax codes, our sales tax experts stay on top of it all.

Sales tax resources

Our educational tools and resources can help you make better decisions for your business.


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Get ahead of compliance

Automate sales tax calculations, reporting and filing today to save time and reduce errors.