When All Your Products Are Handcrafted, You Don’t Have Time to Waste on Sales Tax

Back in 2012, Jessica Schumacher and her husband Chad were both employed at a tech startup. All was well until, just two months after the couple’s son was born, their company ended up losing their funding and they both ended up out of a job.

But inspiration can come when you least expect it. After spending an afternoon woodworking with his dad, Chad wondered if the wooden pens he’d made that day could be the start of a new opportunity. The couple made some prototypes, started a Kickstarted campaign, and sold $18k in wooden pens in just 30 days. From there, the sky was the limit. Their next collection brought in $42k on Kickstarter and by then they knew they had a business on their hands. Allegory Handcrafted Goods was born.

Of course, with a new business comes responsibilities like sales tax. At first, Jessica said, “I muddled through.” But as they began selling on multiple channels she found herself spending fully half a day just to file their Illinois sales tax return. Jessica knew there had to be another way to outsource sales tax so she could get back to focusing on the more critical (and fun!) aspects of her business.

“Time is really valuable to me,” said Jessica. “Especially when we make all of our products, too.”

That’s when an online search brought her to TaxJar. After reading TaxJar’s guidance on collecting and remitting sales tax in Illinois, and discovering that TaxJar handled the channels on which they sell their handcrafted products, making the choice to outsource sales tax management to TaxJar was easy

Read more of the story, and see Allegory Handcrafted Goods’ responsibly-sourced products at AllegoryGoods.com.

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