TaxJar Autofile Was a Game-Changer for Hammocktown

Hammock Town curates the largest variety of unique hammocks and tree tents online. Founded by eCommerce entrepreneur and traveler, Luiz Centenaro, Hammock Town’s mission is to encourage everyone to spend more time outdoors.

Hammock Town, based in South Florida practices what they preach, often found outside on weekend hammocking adventures. A Google search for “Filing Sales Taxes in Florida” brought Hammock Town to TaxJar.

“At first we didn’t renew our free trial because we were still spending a couple hours on the Florida Department of Revenue website, copying and pasting from TaxJar Reports. But then we discovered TaxJar Autofile, and that was a game changer."

Through the Shopify Integration, TaxJar Reports and AutoFile, we never have to look at sales taxes again!”

We asked Hammock Town about their experience with TaxJar

Implementing TaxJar was the best decision we ever made, it literally took 2 minutes to implement the Shopify Integration and 5 minutes to enroll in AutoFile ensuring we never have to deal with the Florida Department of Revenue again!”

“Filing Sales Taxes in Florida isn’t rocket science but it’s very time consuming and takes away from us fulfilling our mission. Every quarter we would scramble to make sure to file our sales tax reports correctly and on time. Often having to call the Florida Department of revenue waiting on hold for hours at a time."

We even got sent to collections for failing to file a return where we didn’t collect any sales taxes. It was a sales tax nightmare and we didn’t want to spend valuable time navigating the world of sales tax. We're so happy we found TaxJar.


Hammock Town is the largest online hammock store in the world carrying over 500 unique hammocks with prices ranging from $20 - $5,000. They are known for their innovative Hammock Rewards program, superior customer service and fun social media presence.

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