MVMT Watches Uses TaxJar to Save Hours of Time

Inspired by a passion for watches – and other high-quality, minimalist fashion – Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante were dismayed at the middlemen and markups that plagued the industry. There had to be a better way.

So in 2013 they started an IndieGogo campaign to simplify access to sophisticated fashion. Their crowd funding campaign became the 2nd highest funded campaign of 2013 on IndieGogo, and is now a fashion empire.

In the middle of disrupting an entire industry, sales tax compliance was hardly on MVMT Watches’ radar. When they began looking for a sales tax solution, the first companies they found offered complex, hard-to-use solutions and worse, wanted to lock them into contracts.

Then they found TaxJar through the Shopify App Store.

I reached out to you guys and got set up in minutes, said Jake. It was the easiest process. We love how you make everything simple. And the sales information you provide is so friendly and accessible. When you try to read these terms on government websites all the jargon makes no sense.

Before TaxJar, sales tax was a manual affair for this high-tech company. We literally spent three 10-hour days going through and calculating sales tax, running reports and figuring out the amount of sales tax collected in every jurisdiction.

We now use a bookkeeper, said Jake. And TaxJar has literally taken hours off of her plate.

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