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MyBinding has made a name for themselves by becoming experts in a single niche – binding and laminating products. Do you need to find a rare piece of binding equipment? Or are you having trouble with one of your older machines? The specialists on staff at MyBinding have your back, and are reachable to phone or email to help.

But recently, Jeff McRitchie, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at MyBinding needed someone to have his back when it came to sales tax reporting.

We started out with sales tax nexus in just one state, Washington. We were using a service to collect sales tax, but we had to manually assign jurisdiction tax codes to each transaction. This involved labeling each transaction in QuickBooks. One at a time.

That was time consuming, but not untenable in just one state. But then the company grew to have sales tax nexus in two other states – Idaho and Utah. Manually reporting and filing sales tax began to become a more painful chore. But when they acquired a company and suddenly had sales tax nexus in California.

Our sales tax complexity suddenly went through the roof! McRitchie told us.

At first they tried out Avalara, but found the process no easier and the fees just for reporting how much sales tax they’d collected in each jurisdiction approaching $25,000 per year.

And it wasn’t even right, McRitchie said. We were having to export .csv files out of our system, import them into Avalara and then deduplicate the data so we didn’t over report.

After continuing on like that for almost a year – paying exorbitant fees and still doing quite a bit of manual sales tax work, McRitchie went online and sought out a better sales tax solution.

Enough was enough,McRitchie said.

That's when he found TaxJar.

Now, MyBinding uses TaxJar’s Magento sales tax extension to both collect sales tax and report how much they’ve collected. There’s no more updating tax tables, no more uploading .csvs and no more spending hours sifting each sale into individual taxing jurisdictions before filing sales tax returns.

According to McRitchie: TaxJar has saved us dozens of hours a month in reporting.


MyBinding is one of the largest binding and laminating dealers in the United States with over 30 years experience in the binding industry. Our website combined with our local sales presence in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, California and Illinois allow us to service hundreds of thousands of businesses located in the US and worldwide.

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