Marketplace Counts on TaxJar for Sales Tax Calculations

Ecommerce marketplace operates under one guiding principal – make selling online as simple as possible so that merchants can get set up and selling right away.

There’s no technical know-how required, no pages of forms to fill out, and no hassle. Merchants can simply login and start selling online through popular platforms like WordPress, Facebook and more.

Selz got its start in Australia where the GST tax on products is straightforward. But like many eCommerce businesses large and small, as the business grew, so did their administrative complexity.

Soon enough, Selz marketplace merchants began to need sales tax collection in the U.S.

Selz’s Head of Product Steve Marsh told us: After researching what it would take, we realized U.S. sales tax wasn’t something we would contemplate doing ourselves.

But Selz valued simple and hassle-free, and they wanted to keep their platform that way when it came to sales tax, too. That’s why, after weighing the options, they chose TaxJar for their platform’s sales tax calculations.

We were looking for a clean and simple API, said Steve. TaxJar was easy, had a clean user interface and design, and was straightforward to set up.

Selz has relied on TaxJar for sales tax calculations for going on two years now.

Steve summed it up when he said, TaxJar takes the sales tax worry from us and our users.


Selling products online or digital downloads is easy with Selz. No contracts, no merchant account or programming is needed.

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