TunersCare.com Uses TaxJar's Magento Extension for Calculations and Reporting

Brian Nash wanted to do what he loved and give something back. An avid mechanic, he hit on the idea to start TunersCare.com, an eCommerce store that sells aftermarket car parts and donates a part of the proceeds to charity.

The charity changes monthly, and when you check out at the site, you’ll see the exact dollar amount of your purchase that TunersCare.com will donate.

Brian built TunersCare.com on the Magento platform, but as he built his store’s backend quickly came across a stumbling block: sales tax.

Brian is based in destination-based (i.e. complicated) Washington state, and to make matters even more complex he drop ships items to customers.

There were just a handful of things that I thought I might not be able to do, and one of them was sales tax.

Enter TaxJar. He installed TaxJar’s Sales Tax Automation extension, and was soon using TaxJar to set sales tax rates in his Magento-powered shopping cart, report how much he’d collected, and prepare returns for filing.

I felt like I was staring up the White Cliffs of Dover, and TaxJar came up in a turbocharged helicopter, lifted me up and I was on my way.

Head over to TunersCare.com to check out the charity Brian is supporting this month.

Ready to start your own Magento store? Be sure to install TaxJar's Sales Tax Magento extension.


We make a donation for every aftermarket part you order. Trick your ride, change the world!

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