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Painless sales tax reporting & filing
for online retailers

  • Automated sales tax reports in all states for simplified filing.
  • Syncs with your cart and marketplaces - no manual uploading required.
  • Handles multiple states and platforms with ease.
  • Simple pricing. No setup fees. No contracts.

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One click integration with…

How TaxJar works

Connect your stores

Sign up for TaxJar, then you can connect to the platforms or channels you sell through. Most channels can be connected in seconds with just a few clicks.

You only need to do this step once! Your platforms are now synced with TaxJar and will update on a daily basis.

Your tax reports are prepared!

Once you’re synced up to TaxJar, you’ll see your sales tax collected by city and county, across all states and all the platforms you sell on. These get updated every day!

You will know if you’re collecting enough sales tax and even when your returns are due.  All you have to do now is file!

AutoFile your sales tax forms

All that’s left to do now is take all the information we have broken down for you, and fill in the blanks on your tax forms!

Of course, if you want to make your life even easier, you could just let us do all the filing for you. With AutoFile, we will automatically submit your tax forms for you when they are due. This is truly sales tax on autopilot.


It’s taken care of

We feel the love

MVMT Watches

Fantastic Application. We’re so happy to have found this app. It is an absolute must to keep your taxes under control. We’re in California where sales tax is extremely confusing and complicated but TaxJar makes our lives easy.

Todd Ryan

It used to take me over two hours to file my tax return in Florida. With TaxJar it takes me 10 minutes.

My Ugly Christmas Sweater

highly recommend. just what i was looking for

Georgene Harkness

I’m a CPA and wouldn’t think of running my business without TaxJar.

Coffee Joulies™

TaxJar provides a very simple service that saves me hundreds of dollars a year. Now I don’t worry at all about filing my sales tax. Huge headache alleviated.

Kudu-lah Critters

TaxJar ROCKS! Filing Sales Tax over several states and several platforms (Etsy, Shopify, Paypal, Square) usually took an hour or so to calculate. With TaxJar, it’s already done. You sync your accounts, sales tax is calculated and beautifully broken down and it even tells you when it’s due (helpful for filing in multiple states). When you efile, just fill in the blanks on the tax form and submit. It’s the EASIEST thing in the world.

Ok Sock

This app is a MUST have for any business. Filing taxes is a nightmare and this app automates the entire process! I recommend that everyone uses this app because it will save you a ton of time and it makes filing state taxes effortless.

Cynthia Stine

I spend a lot less time on sales tax now thanks to TaxJar.


This app makes it easy yo gather your taxable items in one place. It has great features that make it easy to pay taxes as well. Would recommend to anyone selling a taxable item.

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File your clients’ sales tax returns in a fraction of the time. Sales tax can be profitable!
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