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All the data you need to file your sales tax returns by counties and cities.

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Sales and taxes collected by local jurisdiction

Local reports by tax jurisdiction

Finally! All the data you need to file your sales tax returns. No more manual work to break sales tax down by counties and cities. No one else does this!

See what you SHOULD be collecting

Not sure if you’ve been collecting the right amount of sales tax? See a comparison of what you actually collected versus what you should have collected.

Actual vs Estimated Sales Tax report
Sell across multiple channel and states

Multiple channels and states

Get all of your sales tax data in one place. We’ll download your sales data from eBay, Amazon, Etsy or all of the above. Plus, for sellers who have to file in multiple states - we’ve got you covered.

Keep your payment history

Most states require years of transaction history. We help you stay compliant in case of an audit.

sales tax payment history

TaxJar is my new best friend!”

“Now I can clearly see what I owe to each state and the information is broken out by county and city depending on the filing requirement of each state. I spend a lot less time on sales tax now thanks to TaxJar.com.”

- Cynthia Stine, author of “Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week!”.

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