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Sales tax compliance made simple

TaxJar is trusted by over 20,000 high growth businesses.

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual calculations

TaxJar takes care of the entire sales tax life cycle on your behalf, from calculations and nexus tracking to filing and reporting. We help you get it done while staying organized and efficient.

Automate tedious tasks

TaxJar replaces spreadsheets and calculators with a modern, all-in-one platform that always keeps your sales tax accounting up to date.

Reduce errors & missed deadlines

Mistakes happen with manual accounting. TaxJar helps you maintain compliance so that you’re prepared for audits and can avoid fines.

Save time, focus on your business

Sales tax is only one part of doing business. TaxJar gives you back the time to focus on achieving your business goals.

Get help from our award-winning team

We know that many people find sales tax confusing or unnerving. Our support team has helped thousands of small businesses manage sales tax compliance with confidence.

Connect with a human

Our platform may be automated, but our support team is staffed with live TaxJar experts ready to answer your questions.

Get up to speed quickly

TaxJar Unlocked, our free customer education portal, offers video tutorials and articles on all things sales tax.

Fast answers to pressing questions

If you get stuck, our robust knowledge base can help you keep moving forward with in-depth articles on technical and tax details.

Make your path to growth easier

Your sales tax responsibilities increase as you sell more products in more states. We can help you through the complexity — TaxJar enables you to seamlessly scale your sales tax compliance.

Stay up to date with the latest laws

Our in-house team of sales tax experts are constantly reviewing the ever-changing tax codes and updating our platform as needed.

Track new tax responsibilities

TaxJar’s dashboard and notifications let you know when you’re approaching an economic nexus threshold in a new state.

File in more states effortlessly

Different states have different filing formats and deadlines. We automatically submit your return to each one — accurately and on time.

Handle busy sales seasons with ease

Our high-performance sales tax calculation engine and API are reliable and lightning fast — even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

TaxJar automates the sales tax life cycle

TaxJar simplifies sales tax compliance every step of the way. Here’s how our platform works:

Connect your e-commerce or ERP platform

Prebuilt integrations with popular platforms quickly connect TaxJar to your existing systems.

Determine economic nexus

Our Nexus Insights Dashboard and notifications help you stay ahead of your sales tax responsibilities by state.

Collect accurate sales tax at checkout

Our real-time calculation engine and sales tax API provides rooftop-level, product-specific sales tax.

Access sales tax reports

Our reporting dashboard compiles data from all your channels to give you the most up-to-date view of your transactions and tax liability.

File and remit automatically

TaxJar AutoFile prepares and submits an accurate return and remittance for each state in which you’re enrolled.

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