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Simplify the tricky nuances of food and beverage sales tax

The taxability of snacks and juices depends on state and local tax laws. Reduce the complexity of compliance with automation.

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The right sales tax rate for every item you sell

Sales tax for food and beverages varies widely. In New York, an uncut bagel is exempt from sales tax, but a bagel sandwich is charged sales tax. Some cities will charge higher rates for soda or alcohol than other drinks. No need to wrap your mind around it all — TaxJar removes the guesswork by automating the process for you.

Simplified product classification 

The TaxJar API helps you assign a product tax code to all of your food and beverage products to support accurate tax calculations.

Rates based on addresses, not zip codes

Our API and calculation engine apply rooftop-accurate rates based on your customer’s state, county, city, and even district.

Continuous tax law monitoring

Our in-house team of sales tax experts are constantly reviewing the ever-changing tax codes that impact food and beverage companies.

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Automation tools make compliance effortless

The food and beverage industry is changing rapidly, and many businesses are innovating with new revenue streams, such as delivery services, or moving to online-only sales. As your business evolves, TaxJar helps you keep up with your growing sales tax responsibilities.

Tax liability tracking & alerts

Our Economic Nexus Insights dashboard alerts you when you’re approaching a nexus threshold in a new state.

Effortless filing across multiple states

TaxJar AutoFile automatically submits your return to multiple states with different requirements — accurately and on time.

Comprehensive sales tax reports

Our reporting dashboard helps you compile sales data from every sales channel connected to your TaxJar account.

More on the sales tax landscape

Washington, DC has a regular sales tax rate of 6%, but they charge 8% sales tax on soft drinks, 10% on food for immediate consumption, and 10.25% on alcoholic beverages.

*Source: TaxJar Blog

A lightning fast checkout experience

Speed matters to customers, especially when they’re ready to purchase. TaxJar’s robust platform scales seamlessly as you grow, so your customers enjoy frictionless checkout when they are at their hungriest or thirstiest.

Fast, reliable customer experience

The TaxJar API clocks in at sub-25ms with 99.99% uptime, giving your customers instant, accurate tax data at checkout.

Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms

We maintain a suite of certified, prebuilt integrations that support a wide variety of platforms like Square, Shopify, and Woo Commerce.

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TaxJar automates the sales tax life cycle

TaxJar simplifies sales tax compliance every step of the way. Here’s how our platform works:

Connect your e-commerce or ERP platform

Prebuilt integrations with popular platforms quickly connect TaxJar to your existing systems.

Determine economic nexus

Our Nexus Insights Dashboard and notifications help you stay ahead of your sales tax responsibilities by state.

Collect accurate sales tax at checkout

Our real-time calculation engine and sales tax API provides rooftop-level, product-specific sales tax.

Access sales tax reports

Our reporting dashboard compiles data from all your channels to give you the most up-to-date view of your transactions and tax liability.

File and remit automatically

TaxJar AutoFile prepares and submits an accurate return and remittance for each state in which you’re enrolled.

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