Automate sales tax filing and remittance

It’s critical to file sales tax returns — on time, every time. TaxJar AutoFile is our automatic electronic filing service for state sales tax, built on best-in-class technology. Once enrolled in a particular state, we’ll use the data that we receive from your e-commerce platforms or ERP systems to prepare and submit an accurate return along with your remittance. TaxJar manages all your filing details and deadlines, scaling up as you grow, so you can focus on the big picture.

Never miss a filing due date

With filings due in multiple states with different timelines, it’s easy to miss dates when you’re busy with other finance-related tasks. AutoFile automatically submits returns and remittances on your behalf to the states where you’re enrolled, so you never have to worry about deadlines.

Reduce processing time and costs

Your paperwork grows exponentially as you collect sales tax in more states. TaxJar not only handles the data input, but we also prepare filings according to each state’s specific requirements. You can then spend your valuable time focusing on other things.

Minimize human error

TaxJar removes the human element electronically by migrating your TaxJar state report to your sales tax return. No need to painstakingly search your records for tiny mistakes that prevent you from hitting “submit” on your filing. We’ve got you covered.

TaxJar AutoFile is guaranteed to submit all sales tax filings on time.

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