Get accurate sales tax calculations in real time

Compliance begins with precise calculations. Our API and calculation engines apply rooftop-accurate rates, which means that sales tax calculations are based on your customer’s state, county, city, and even district. Tax data is applied in real time — even during your busiest sales seasons — ensuring a smooth transaction for your customers. We stay abreast of tax law changes on your behalf and help you find answers to your compliance questions.

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Apply sales tax instantly — at scale

TaxJar’s sales tax API clocks in at sub-20ms with 99.99% uptime, which means that your customers instantly see accurate tax data in their checkout view. Our sales tax API and calculation engines scale seamlessly, maintaining the same speed and reliability no matter how many transactions are processed at once.

Stay on top of tax changes with zero effort

Our team constantly monitors the latest sales tax laws at the state, county, city, and special taxing district level. When tax rates change, we apply them immediately to our platform. You don’t need to keep up with all of the changes, as well as product exemptions and sales tax holidays, to remain compliant.

Calculate the exact rate for every sale

TaxJar uses rooftop-level calculations to ensure that your customer’s precise address corresponds to the right rate in their jurisdiction. Our AI-powered product classification tool evaluates all of your products and suggests the right tax code for each and every one.

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It takes only a few minutes to connect your commerce or ERP platform to our sales tax API and calculation engine using a prebuilt integration. See how easy it is.

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TaxJar guarantees that all sales tax calculations are accurate.

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