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Access sales tax reports

TaxJar does your sales tax accounting for you. Our platform automatically compiles orders from your e-commerce channels into one dashboard, giving you and your team access to all your transactions, as well as state-by-state reports with city, county, and special district breakdowns. We even provide reduced and exempt item taxability reporting for easy review. With TaxJar, you’ll always have the most up-to-date view of your company’s sales tax information.

Save time reporting on every channel in every state

TaxJar is constantly compiling data from all your linked accounts and CSV imports into our reporting dashboard, as well as from individual state sales tax reports, to help you stay organized and informed. We automatically generate state-specific reports with jurisdictional breakdowns that would otherwise take hours or days to compile using manual methods.

Access all your sales tax records in one place

TaxJar’s reporting dashboard gives you a full picture of sales tax activity for your business. View granular reports to see your gross sales and sales tax collected, and with data formatted per each state’s filing requirements. Export data in a CSV file to use in your accounting and planning processes. Centralized reporting also makes it easier to collaborate with your tax accountant or finance team.

View up-to-date collection data

The TaxJar platform automatically updates data every day, so you can see how much you’ve collected to date, or the expected amount due, for each state where you have nexus, as well as when your next payment is due. Confirm your remittance amounts across all channels, including your marketplace facilitators. Always have the latest numbers at your fingertips.

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TaxJar offers one platform to manage every aspect of sales tax compliance from calculations to reporting to filing. Try our sales tax compliance platform for 30 days, completely free with no obligation.