Track economic nexus across states

Economic nexus is a complex moving target as every state has different thresholds and qualification criteria. TaxJar simplifies the process with an easy-to-use dashboard and notification system that helps you monitor your nexus exposure as you transact more sales online and across more states. Our dashboard warns you when you may need to register in a new state.

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Simplify the complexities of economic nexus

Your sales tax responsibilities are based on your physical and economic nexus activity, and every state specifies its own threshold. TaxJar’s Nexus Insights Dashboard makes it easy to see which states require you to collect sales tax based on your economic activity without having to rely on manual workflows.

Know when you're approaching a nexus threshold

As you sell more online across states, the dashboard helps you track the economic nexus threshold for each state. Once you’re close to nexus in a particular state, you can review the status with your company stakeholders and tax advisor to decide next steps for your business.

Set up proactive notifications for nexus changes

As you do more business online, you may reach economic nexus thresholds in more states. You can set up notifications to indicate when you approach or reach thresholds in a particular state from TaxJar’s Economic Nexus Dashboard.

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