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At TaxJar, we’re creating more powerful ways for businesses to manage sales tax by turning confusing and complicated into simple and delightful.

From tech people to tax people to people people, there’s one thing everyone at TaxJar has in common: We love a good challenge.

From day one, TaxJar has been a fully distributed company. That’s allowed us to pull in the very best talent from across the country, people with different backgrounds and lifestyles who share our drive, our curiosity, and our core values. Together, we’re raising the bar with award-winning customer support and technology that makes the insanely complex world of compliance surprisingly easy.

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TaxJar founding story

It all started over fish tacos in 2012, when our founders got to talking about how businesses handle their sales tax. They knew there had to be a better way. There were other companies trying to solve it, but our founders were sure they could create a better solution and improve the customer experience.

At TaxJar, we believe in a few things above all else: treating people with respect, building the absolute best product imaginable and helping people reach their potential.

Around here, we call this The TaxJar Way. And it’s why we obsessively leverage technology and automation to solve a problem no one wants to deal with — sales tax.

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In Pursuit of Better

We choose to do things differently.

We’ll never settle for the status quo; our vision is bolder.

We bring clarity and simplicity to the complex,

We always do the right thing, even when it’s harder,

Creating peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

TaxJar. In pursuit of better.

Our values

We know that we’re better together

Our differences have always been our strengths. Our unique positions and perspectives power a collective ingenuity that energizes our collaboration.

We’re always learning and growing

Our desire to learn and grow is baked into who we are. We create a safe place to try and fail, as long as we learn, grow, and persevere through challenges.

We shape our own destiny

We have always done things our way, with the freedom to choose how we work and who we work with as long as we deliver results.

We build relationships that matter

People matter. We work hard to build and maintain positive relationships that are based on trust, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and mutual respect.

Meet our steering team

Mark Faggiano TaxJar

Mark Faggiano

Founder, CEO, Steering Team Chair
Ryan Thompson TaxJar

Ryan Thompson

Founder, Chief Business Development Officer
Matt Anderson TaxJar

Matt Anderson

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
Alec Carper TaxJar

Alec Carper

Chief Technology Officer
Carolyn Urban TaxJar

Carolyn Urban

Chief Customer Officer
Carrie Almany TaxJar

Carrie Almany

VP, AutoFile
Elaine Page TaxJar

Elaine Page

Chief People Officer
Lydia Chen TaxJar

Lydia Chen

SVP Operations
Matt Bieniek TaxJar

Matt Bieniek

SVP Finance
Sara Strope TaxJar

Sara Strope

Chief Marketing Officer

TaxJar is a human-first company

People are accepted and free to be who they are.

We embrace that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are essential sources of creativity and innovation that bring a richness of thinking and experience to the work that is celebrated at TaxJar. Simply put, we care. We will always put people — our team and our customers — first, by supporting our people to do their best work building products our customers love.

Our formula is simple. We believe we have an elevated level of responsibility in everything we do. This means we empower our team to do the right thing for each other and for our customers, and we do the right thing, even when it’s harder. We’ve built a team based on trust, that endeavors to maximize our team members’ individual talents so our workplace creates a sense of meaning and belonging for everyone.

Join the TaxJar team

Join our team

We think differently about tech and how people do their best work. We’re looking for people who think differently, too. That’s where you come in. Interested in joining TaxJar? Visit our careers page to learn more.

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Remote pioneers

Ten People. Nine Awe-Inspiring Films.

At TaxJar, we create our own path, and we’re disrupting work as you’ve come to know it. Meet the incredible individuals who, though miles apart, together, help build the story of TaxJar every day.

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