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When it comes to sales tax, collecting is the easy part. Everything else is hard. TaxJar AutoFile makes it easy.

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What is AutoFile?

AutoFile is the name of TaxJar’s electronic filing service for state sales tax. Once you enroll, TaxJar will use the information we receive from your TaxJar Reports to prepare and submit returns to the state, along with payments.

How much does AutoFile cost?

In nearly all states, AutoFile costs $19.95 per filing to the state. In the future, as we add states that require additional filings for local jurisdictions, prices for those states may differ.

Is AutoFile required? Can I file manually on my own?

You always have the option to file manually on your own or to have us file for you. TaxJar reports are “return-ready” meaning it often only takes minutes to file manually (as opposed to hours without TaxJar).

What do I need to enroll in AutoFile?

To enroll in AutoFile, you'll need a state sales tax registration, Tax ID, state filing credentials and a US based bank account.

AutoFile Eligible States

TaxJar will AutoFile your sales tax returns for you in these states. And we’re always adding more!

AutoFile Map

Key Dates and our AutoFile Schedule

Interact below to view key dates and learn more about when to enroll.

TaxJar AutoFile Calendar Image Map Day 7 Autofile Autofile Day 20-30 Day 9-12 AutoFile Day 4 AutoFile Day 5 AutoFile

Common Questions

Feel free to contact us if you can't find the answer to your question. We're happy to help you.

Why do you need my bank account information?

We use a checking or savings account to withdraw the money needed to pay the sales tax you owe the state. We use state of the art encryption for this information, and never withdraw money for purposes other than paying the state. More on that here.

In what states can I use AutoFile?

Currently, TaxJar provides AutoFile in these states with more coming soon!

Will you be supporting more states in the future?

You bet. In fact, we like to keep track of which states people want to see most, so shoot us an email at [email protected] and let us know which you’d like to see.

Does TaxJar offer AutoFile for all FBA Warehouse States?

Not yet; but we do have plans to expand our list of available states. You can view a full list of AutoFile states here.

Can I still use AutoFile if I have wholesale and exempt transactions?

Not at this time but we do have plans to support exempt and wholesale customers soon. Learn more.

Why does it cost extra to use AutoFile?

AutoFile costs extra because it costs TaxJar money to file for you.

Do I need to remit payment to the state?

No. We will debit your payment account for the amount you owe on your sales tax and remit directly to the state. You never need to worry about paying on your own.

What if my state offers a discount for on-time filing

Many states offer money back for filing on-time. Other sales tax solutions keep this on-time filing reward for themselves, but TaxJar does not. Some AutoFile users find that this discount often covers the extra cost of AutoFile for them.

When will my AutoFile return be filed?

We begin the AutoFile process on the 5th of the month; you can view the complete timeline here.

Where can I read more about AutoFile?

Here are even more common questions and answers about AutoFile from other TaxJar customers

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