Automate Your Sales Tax Filing

TaxJar AutoFile is our automatic electronic filing service for state sales tax. Simply enroll and TaxJar will use the information we receive from your eCommerce providers and marketplaces to prepare and submit returns to the state, along with remittance.

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Never miss a due date

TaxJar AutoFile automatically submits your returns to the states where you’re enrolled and ensures you never miss a due date.

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Save time and automate state filings

Once enrolled, TaxJar transforms your sales data into sales tax filings just the way the state wants to see them. We remit the payments, too!

Avoid errors

TaxJar eliminates potentially costly human error by carrying over information from your TaxJar state report to your sales tax return. No more painstakingly searching your records for tiny mistakes that prevent you from hitting "submit" on your filing.

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Let us handle the complexities of sales tax while you focus on what matters most — growing your business.
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Michael Kleinmann Underwear Expert
We use AutoFile whenever possible. Once you get everything setup, AutoFile is nice and you just manage issues with the states where you have nexus. To have all the sales tax information in one place is very useful."

Michael Kleinmann


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