Logo & Branding
Download the TaxJar logo and follow our branding guidelines.

Classic Logotype

Our most commonly used logo. Use this logotype whenever possible.

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Dark Logotype

Use this logotype on dark backgrounds with enough contrast.

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For use in limited space.


TaxJar Colors

TaxJar Green

PMS 361 C
CMYK 64,0,76,32

Dark Cool Grey

PMS 425 C
CMYK 6,4,0,65



Branding Guidelines

Our Name

  • TaxJar
  • Tax Jar
  • Taxjar

Our Products

  • TaxJar AutoFile
  • TaxJar Reports
  • TaxJar SmartCalcs

Product Screenshots

TaxJar Dashboard

TaxJar Dashboard

Overview of a merchant's nexus states, linked accounts, and annual summary.

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TaxJar State Report

TaxJar State Report

Detailed breakdown of taxes by jurisdiction for California.

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