George Sleeman uses TaxJar for its 300 tax clients and over 30 sales tax clients

When George Sleeman walked into his first accounting class in 1987, he was the only student not wearing a suit. In fact, his long hair and earrings set him quite far apart from the other business majors.

After a 17-year detour from that college classroom in which he made a career as a Deputy Sheriff, George once again found himself once again ready to tackle accounting. And once again he found himself doing things a little differently than his colleagues.

George was drawn to working with eCommerce sellers, especially those who sold on Amazon FBA. The online sellers George met were underserved by traditional CPAs and EAs. Plus, they had to deal with a whole different set of challenges than many other comparably sized businesses — including collecting sales tax in multiple states.

These days, working out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, George helps online sellers determine their sales tax nexus, get registered to collect sales tax, and file on time. And he couldn’t do it without TaxJar.

“Get this” said George. “I started out in 2009 working from home with 15 tax clients. Now I have over 300 tax clients, including over 30 sales tax clients. Our practice has 5 employees, a CPA, and we’re currently scouting for a second location. Thank you to the TaxJar team. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. TaxJar is mandatory!”

You can find out more about George at his website.

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