Global Value Commerce saves more than $100,000 annually on sales tax automation with TaxJar

Founded in 2001, Global Value Commerce represents the true definition of entrepreneurship. 

Why they needed a sales tax software

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling of South Dakota v. Wayfair in June 2018, Global Value Commerce was filing sales taxes in just a few states where they had physical nexus. 

With the passing of Wayfair, the groundbreaking decision that created economic nexus, the states could now define and set their own sales tax laws. Almost overnight, Global Value Commerce had an immediate need for expanded sales tax compliance. In addition, they weren’t in a position to quickly staff an accounting team to handle sales tax filings practically nationwide. Thus began their search for software that would solve their requirements and match their company’s core values. 

“Having to hire an in-house tax compliance team would take resources away from our ability to focus on that customer experience. To go from filing sales tax in four states to potentially filing and paying sales tax in as many as 45 states meant we needed a software solution to save us this time and effort,” — Mark Larson, SVP – Chief Financial Officer. 

Why TaxJar

While initially only familiar with a TaxJar competitor, Global Value Commerce began their research into sales tax compliance by comparing a few different solutions. They wanted a comprehensive software program that was easy to use, offered accessible and knowledgeable customer support, could seamlessly integrate with their current platforms and programs, yet could also handle their high sales volume, all while matching their own company values. 

“We ultimately chose TaxJar because of several reasons: like our eCommerce websites, the TaxJar platform was a very user-friendly experience; their current customers’ referrals were positive, the integration was easy, and we had an enjoyable interaction with the sales team,” Larson said.

“We pride ourselves on investing in areas that will enhance our customer experience,” Larson said. “TaxJar felt like an entrepreneurial company — not a big corporate solution  — but rather, software made for growth companies like ours.” 

Benefits of TaxJar

Global Value Commerce’s biggest benefit with TaxJar was the time it has saved them needing to quickly file sales taxes in more than 30 states where they immediately had nexus. 

“Our IT and accounting teams had the support they needed and the software plugged in nicely with our system. The implementation was seamless and straightforward, and we implemented the solution in a short period of time,” Larson added.

TaxJar works with their existing shopping carts to generate and reconcile reports, all while being a cost-efficient choice for Global Value Commerce. 

The Results

“We’ve been so pleased with how TaxJar has helped us. The time savings alone have accomplished what we wanted most,” Mark added. 

Even more, they’ve appreciated not having to hire an internal sales tax team, allowing them to save at least $100,000 annually on salaries that would have been used for that. 

“We built TaxJar into our staff’s responsibilities without adding new team members. It’s just another layer into my existing team’s responsibilities,” Mark said. 

As they enjoy the peace of mind from TaxJar, Global Value Commerce is focused on expanding their business into a new offering, a try-before-you-buy program called Utry®.

This first-of-its-kind program allows customers to pay a nominal fee toward a single or set of clubs and then try in their own environment (home course, range, back yard, etc.) for up to 14 days. Customers can decide to keep the clubs and pay the difference, or return the clubs at no additional charge. 

As eCommerce continues to blur the lines between tangible experiences of brick and mortar stores with the convenience of online retailers, TaxJar is an obvious solution for complex businesses needing to manage their sales tax.

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