Heartfelt creations enjoys all-in-one solution thanks to TaxJar integration with SuiteTax for NetSuite

Founded in 1997, this family-owned business simplifies their sales tax burden with TaxJar.

The Challenge

With massive growth comes new challenges and a potential for technology complications. Heartfelt Creations’ sales grew and so did their need to effectively manage inventory, sales tax, and orders in one software offering. Their systems at the time weren’t able to talk to one another nor scale the way they needed them to, so they turned to NetSuite as their all-in-one ERP solution.

“Initially, inventory was the driving factor to begin looking for an ERP that could handle inventory well and continue to scale,” Richard Beechy, Heartfelt Creations COO said.

About the same time they began looking for a new ERP system, the landmark Wayfair vs. South Dakota case gave states the right to set their own economic nexus laws, creating new sales tax responsibilities in states where Heartfelt Creations previously had none.

After realizing they would be filing in 20+ states, they sought a sales tax solution that would integrate directly with NetSuite in order to keep everything in one place.

“When we needed to get sales tax compliant, we started the search to find a partner and were excited to learn that TaxJar had an integration with NetSuite’s SuiteTax. We didn’t want to go with a legacy system and have to redo the process all over again, so TaxJar’s SuiteTax integration was a huge draw for us. We could have it ready to go simultaneously when we went live with NetSuite,” Beechy said.

The Solution

Thus began the new relationship between TaxJar and Heartfelt Creations. As one of the earliest users of TaxJar’s NetSuite integration, Beechy worked directly with and communicated frequently with the TaxJar team during the implementation.

“We really enjoyed working with the TaxJar team throughout the onboarding process as we integrated over to NetSuite. I was afraid I was emailing them too often, but the communication with the team has been incredible,“ Beechy added.

To help customers get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible, TaxJar works directly with NetSuite to ensure the onboarding and integration with SuiteTax is a seamless process.

Beechy said, “Because SuiteTax was new, we discovered a few things no one had thought about that needed tweaking. The TaxJar team went above and beyond to fine-tune everything for us.”

The Results

He believes the biggest benefit to using TaxJar is having the accuracy down to the penny between his sales tax calculations on the Magento platform and with SuiteTax. In the event they ever face an audit, Heartfelt Creations is happy their calculations are congruent between systems if that day ever comes.

“To us, knowing we have a solution that enables us to be compliant in 23 states and generate accurate sales tax calculations is worth the price for ease and peace of mind,” Beechy said.

Now, they are up and running with both NetSuite and SuiteTax and enjoying the benefits of an all-in-one, cloud-based ERP solution they can run behind the scenes. As a result, they can refocus on their arts and crafts business.

“We had to overhaul our technology stack and put infrastructure in place to support our rapid expansion. It took a while to get the system off the ground, with lots of testing and configurations. But now, we’re back to focusing on new growth for our business rather than implementing all new software programs,” Beechy explained.

Today, the TaxJar SuiteTax integration is plug and play for NetSuite users, in large part thanks to Heartfelt Creations and TaxJar’s early synergy making sure the solution was designed to fit the needs of complex and growing eCommerce businesses.

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