TaxJar saves Kornerstone Credit 70% over prior solution

Founded in 2018, Kornerstone Credit, LLC is a lease-to-own financing company that primarily serves retail customers in the furniture, mattress, tires, and wheel businesses. Their no-credit-needed product helps consumers buy everyday living essentials on a lease model.

Their Challenge

Before choosing TaxJar, Kornerstone Credit used a competitor’s solution in a previous business but found the cost, customer service, and setup weren’t as favorable.

As a technology-driven business seeking a full-service sales tax solution, Kornerstone Credit thus began their search for a new product that offered compliance, accuracy and ease-of-use, while also being cost-effective. They were looking for a partner who could help manage their sales tax filings due to the high volume of sales across 45 different states.

Why TaxJar

While their staff of 100+ was diverse (industry-leading veterans, technology experts, and financing professionals), Kornerstone Credit needed a full-service solution to handle their filings automatically. 

Daren Haws, Kornerstone Credit’s VP of Finance and HR, said, ”We were looking for a partner to help manage our sales tax filings, so we needed a sales tax solution we could outsource it to. We started doing our research and saw that the reviews and customers’ experiences were positive. And the costs were much, much better.”

The Results

To date, Haws estimates TaxJar has saved Kornerstone Credit more than 70% over the prior software they used to file their sales tax returns. “The number one thing we liked about TaxJar was cost; followed by the ease of onboarding, and getting set up with our API integration,” Haws said. “Their system is straightforward, easy to manage, and user-friendly.” 

Kornerstone Credit also uses the AutoFile feature, which saves time by allowing them to completely hand over their filings and get back to the work they love.

TaxJar is continually evolving and adding new features that reflect the needs of our customers.

“TaxJar is an important partner for us,” Haws added. “Because we don’t have anyone internal that has a lot of sales tax experience, we appreciate as much help as we can get.”

Haws added, “We’ve been able to navigate any learning curves together, and the customer service has been tremendous. The whole TaxJar customer support team has been very responsive and helpful to address any issues we’ve had.”

As Kornerstone Credit’s business continues to grow, they can lean on the TaxJar team for support to file and collect sales tax. As the laws update and change frequently, we strive to keep our customers as up to date and in-the-know as possible. To learn if TaxJar is the right tool for your business, get started here.

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