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The Health and Medical industry is constantly changing and so is sales tax

What health and medical supply products are subject to sales tax? What is exempt? Should you charge alternate rates on the products you sell? Where do you have economic nexus? These are just a few considerations you need to address when selling health and medical supplies online. With TaxJar’s product tax code coverage, accurate rates, and nexus insights, you can stay sales tax compliant where you need to be.

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Calculate the right sales tax rate, every time, across every channel

TaxJar provides the ability to connect with your eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and carts in minutes and generate precise sales tax rates and calculations in real time. No matter where and how you sell, we’ve got you covered.

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Manage the complexities of economic nexus

Confirm where you currently have nexus, when you’re approaching nexus in a new state, and receive recommended next steps on how to begin complying with sales tax in any new state.

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Provide customers with fast and reliable checkout

Every millisecond matters in the checkout experience. TaxJar puts performance first, processing millions of transactions per hour and maintaining 99.99% uptime. We scale with any event (sales tax holidays, cyber Monday, sales weekends) that increases your volume of sales so you never have to worry about keeping a customer from completing an order.

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With TaxJar, you don’t need to be a sales tax expert to expertly manage your sales taxes — that’s what we're here for. Get started today.
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TaxJar offers everything you need for Health and Medical industry sales tax management

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  • Performance & reliability
  • Technology
  • End-to-end customer experience
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