Are You Safe Where You Are?

by Angela Salter April 29, 2020

“Are You Safe Where You Are?”
That’s not a question I am asked during my customer conversations. But then the other day, it was…
As an Account Manager here at TaxJar, I have the privilege of speaking with a lot of really cool, dynamic organizations everyday to help fulfill our mission of making E-commerce easier for everyone. And lately there’s been a whole new depth to my conversations. As a customer-facing advocate, I recently shared with the team how we are impacting our communities with each conversation. The response to my post was so moving, I thought I’d share here with you, too.
I have been taking a lot of calls with customers affected by Stay in Place orders, which continue to have a major impact on our customers’ businesses. During one of my calls, a customer was calmly telling me about the hard decisions he’s having to make about his company and its future. To ease his mind on timelines, I offered some account solutions, along with resources related to state filing extensions. It’s what happened next that really stood out to me…

Then the customer asked me if I was safe. 

This simple question that I’d been asking customers for weeks was posed back to me, and it hit me profoundly. I paused and thanked him for his care and concern. I assured him that my family was doing well and my team at TaxJar has always been remote so we were grateful in that regard.  
He stumbled on his words and asked me softly about which tools we use internally to stay a close-knit team. I let him know about communication tools we use like Basecamp and Zoom, and gently asked if he needed any other recommendations or help for his team. He told me that one of the tough decisions he had to make was informing their leasing office they may not be able to make the lease for the month. He hoped to be prepared in case they have to leave the premises.
I reassured him that we’re here to help ease their worries about sales tax, and we would gladly answer any remote work questions, too. I wanted him to know his business could still function successfully even if it looked different for a while. It was apparent we were both overwhelmed by the feeling of mutual respect for one another that makes working in a customer-facing business so powerful.
I shared this experience to remind and reinforce to every one of my teammates, so focused on doing their best work for TaxJar; now with even greater concern for the safety of their own families, that what we do makes a difference:
“…Remember that each email and phone call and decision we’re making results in a bigger impact than ever before. I post this so we can act with grace, keep our customers and their families in mind, and remember to check in on each other. “ 
While we’ve always been there for our customers, we haven’t done customer service like this before. Until recently no one has had to stare down the threat of losing their business to a Global Pandemic. And with every conversation, we are keeping in mind that each of our customers has a story. 

delivering customer service covid19

Angela and Jon, two of our Account Managers at JarFest 11, February 2020

We’re here to listen.

My message to my teammates ended with this:
Every day…stories pour in and prove again and again what is best about TaxJar.  
Our team.
Our values.
And knowing we will always do right by our customers.

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