80+ Reasons to Love Working Remotely

by Sarah Craig April 28, 2017

At TaxJar we’re all big fans of the remote work lifestyle. It only took us a few minutes to come up with 80+ reasons why we love getting work done at home rather than trekking to an office. Feel free to share this list of remote work upsides, fight us on why we’re wrong, or add your own in the comments! 😉


1. No commute! Working remotely cuts the average commute time from 25.4 minutes to ZERO
Remote work means no commute
2. You save a whole lot of money on gas
3. You don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire on the way to work (Note: also can’t use that as an excuse anymore!)
4. You will never get pulled over by the police on the way to work
5. You can sell your car
6. Car insurance can actually be cheaper (fewer miles per year = save money!)
7. Your daily life is unaffected when a nearby interstate collapses, buckles, or is covered with a toxic spill
Tea Lizard
8. You no longer have to deal with road rage (either your own or some other crazy fool)
9. No trolling for a parking spot

Office/Work Environment:

10. You get a little extra sleep when you don’t have to factor a commute into your day
11. Sweatpants – We are so on board with Andy Orin’s Lifehacker ode to sweatpants. (But if you have to get dressed up to get into work mode, that’s all good, too!)
12. Love from pets all day every day
Pets of TaxJar
13. Private bathroom 🙂 (You KNOW you appreciate this!)
14. Being free to just not go outside when the weather’s horrid
15. Freedom to manage your own time
16. Fewer uncontrollable distractions
17. No fighting over the thermostat
18. No one to pinch you when you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day
19. No fire drills
20. You don’t have to see anyone on your “ugly days”
21. No one peeking around your cubicle
Office Space Lumbergh
22. If you don’t like what a coworker is saying, you can just mute them with the click of a button
23. Your pens stay where you put them (unless the cat bats them onto the floor)
24. You save money on “work clothes”
25. No depressing fluorescent lighting
26. Your own desk/office setup – no cubicles. Or worse – open office plans 
27. People aren’t walking behind you all day
28. Freedom to travel and work wherever you want
29. You don’t have to restructure your whole day to wait for a service technician to come fix something. Comcast’s “4 hour service window” is suddenly OK
30. Being able to “Grandpa-sit”  (i.e. be a caregiver when it’s needed)
31. Having the flexibility to help out during the workweek
32. You can sign for packages
33. You can do laundry during weekdays
34. You can choose your own decor and nobody can judge you for it. 

35. Never have to worry about leaving badge/laptop/charger/lunch/whatever at home
36. Flexibility to live wherever you want and not worry about the job market in that area or the distance from your home to the office
37. You can see rolling fields, cows and baby donkeys every day and still have an awesome job
Work from Home View
38. It’s easier to volunteer/give back to your community when you’re nearby every day
39. You don’t have to wear shoes
40. You probably don’t have to own an iron
41. You can avoid annoying co-workers (and you probably don’t even have them)
42. You only have to dress (nicely) from the waist up for video conferences
43. Can pick up kids from school without people in the office looking at you funny
44. You can go to all of your kids’ school and sports events
45. You’re home well before your kids go to bed
46. Have 300+ million people in the US – easier to find amazing teammates than being constrained to a city
47. You can do skincare masks while getting your work done
48. You always have the corner office/window view
49. No claustrophobic elevators
50. You can AirBNB/Homeaway travel and not miss a day of work as long as you have internet
51. You never have to wait to use the microwave. And you can cook what you want.

52. When the coffee runs out, you only have yourself to blame
53. You don’t have to fix your hair (until it’s time to video chat – and sometimes not even then)
54. It’s much easier to put your Do Not Disturb sign up and concentrate deeply on work
55. You can work at a tech company and not live in San Francisco
56. Want to move? No problem! You don’t need to get a new job.
57. You can work super early or super late if you want
58. You don’t have to worry about who has keys to the office or whether the door is unlocked
59. You can blast your music and no one will yell at you to keep it down


60. Unless you have a vending machine at home, your snacks are a lot cheaper, and likely healthier
61. You can enjoy last night’s leftovers for lunch without carting them around
62. You can eat smelly food without dirty looks
63. You have more time to cook dinner (or lunch!)
64. No spending money on lunches out
65. You can go get groceries while everyone else is at work
66. You can make “good coffee” at home. No more office Keurigs
67. No one judges you for your “bad coffee”

68. No need to possess a lunchbox or travel mug
69. Nobody at work will judge you (or know) if you eat bacon 3 times a day. Or a cupcake sandwich. 
70. Throw stuff on the smoker or slow cooker at lunch, it’s ready for dinner
71. Nobody steals your sandwich
72. Nobody leaves passive aggressive notes about the state of your fridge or the cleanliness of your kitchen area


73. 30 minutes of exercise really only takes 30 minutes… no changing (or showers!) required
74. No one has to smell you after your lunchtime run, either
75. You can work on your treadmill desk without distracting everyone
76. You can take yoga/stretch breaks without getting weird looks from co-workers
77. You can hit the ski slopes for lunch breaks
78. You can take a midday dance break if you darn well want to


Illness / Naps:

79. You never have to worry about a coworker passing the flu around the office (Note: kids will still bring them home from school, sorry)
80. You don’t have to make big decisions about getting dressed/commuting/sharing germs when you’re still “a little bit sick” but not sick enough to miss work
81. Hungover? Take a lunchtime nap without sneaking out to your car
82. The mute button does wonders for covering a cough or sneeze during video conferences
83. You can perfect the coffee nap (as our team does)
84. The bed/couch is closer by so lunch naps can be fractionally longer
85. And one more time. You can love on your furry friends all day long.

What’d we miss? Tell us your favorite reasons for working remotely in the comments!

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