How TaxJar Became the Trusted Sales Tax Solution for 20,000 Customers

by Ashley Alongi November 19, 2019


At TaxJar, we’ve been on a very clear mission: to make eCommerce easier for everyone. It’s a meaningful one for all of us and one we’ll never likely be done with (thanks eCommerce growth!). But today, we’re taking a step back from climbing the mountain and are incredibly excited and humbled to share that we’ve reached a significant milestone in our journey. 
TaxJar is proud to solve sales tax for more than 20,000 TaxJar businesses, developers, merchants and CPAs! 
The path to 20,000 hasn’t been easy. It’s been a challenging, exciting, and meaningful one, fueled by our team’s incredible talent, lots of coffee, and an undying passion for solving our customers’ problems. So before we get back to business, we’re taking a moment to celebrate a milestone we’ve been anticipating and share some insight on how we got to this point.
As we neared the 20,000 customer mark, we wondered what we could do to show how incredibly proud we were to reach this meaningful milestone. The ideas began to come from every corner of our business. Should we buy 20,000 jars and fill them with thank you notes? Should we sponsor a blimp over the entire U.S.? (we’re joking) Should we donate $20,000 to a charity of our choosing? Should we write out 20,000 reasons why we love our customers and publish on our blog? What could we do to show how incredibly proud we are to have arrived at this landmark achievement? 
As we continued brainstorming various ideas, we kept coming back to the same shared belief: our customers are the ones that got us to this point. We’re proud to support businesses of every size, including the mom and pop store, the growing and scaling eCommerce merchant, the larger businesses and other software and SaaS companies. We literally wouldn’t exist without these customers.
So with that in mind, we’re using our 20,000 customer milestone as a platform to give back and share insight that will help other businesses arrive at the same place we are today. It’s our hope they’ll get there faster, wiser and with a little less coffee fueling their journey. 
Thus began some exciting conversations with customers to discover their success stories. Thankfully, two of our fast-growing TaxJar Plus customers, Basecamp (software company that helps with collaboration) and KiwiCo (subscription-based eCommerce company selling kids learning kits) were excited to share their growth stories with us. 
To highlight our conversations, we produced a video series featuring interviews with Basecamp’s Founder, David Heinemeier Hansson, and KiwiCo’s Chief Operating Officer, Bill Onderdonk. In these videos you’ll learn what helped each of them reach where they are today, and discover how they’ve been able to scale their companies to phenomenal growth. They shared with us stories around implementing new technologies and their strategies to stand out in a competitive marketplace. And, we also included some thoughts around our own business from our CEO and Founder, Mark Faggiano as well. 
We’d love for you to watch the videos and hear their full stories, but if you’re pressed for time, here are the takeaways. 
Successful businesses all share few common things: 

  • Don’t be in a hurry to grow, make growth strategic and planned
  • Hiring the best people can make all the difference
  • Be prepared to scale around product growth

With this series, it’s our hope that other entrepreneurs will discover valuable takeaways to inspire their own future growth. 
Above all what we heard was that hiring great people and trusting them is always the key to success. As any business grows, the founder must take a leap of faith in building a team to help deliver the company’s mission. It’s such a critical step in the growth of a company, and if done right, can lead to great success. It’s why we focus so much on creating a powerful culture where employees thrive, because you can never do it all alone. It’s a team effort all the way, and TaxJar is no different. 

Will you join the conversation?

The story doesn’t have to end here. In fact, there’s many more customer stories that we’d like to feature in our quest to give back and thank our customers. If you’ve learned an important lesson in growth or scaling your business and want to share it with the other 19,999 TaxJar customers in our community, join the conversation with us on LinkedIn. 
Share your story with with us using hashtag #TaxJarGrowthStories, and we’d love to feature you on social media to help others learn from your success (and challenges)! 

Onward we go!

It’s been an incredible six years since we started this journey, and we can’t thank our customers enough for trusting TaxJar as their sales tax software provider. We’re beyond humbled to serve so many industry-leading businesses, and we’re already gearing up to deliver an amazing 2020. We’ve got some exciting new features, many product improvements and will continue to provide all of the educational content you’ve come to rely on us for.  And, we’ll be doing it all with smiling faces because of our 20,000 amazing customers like you. Thank you. 
If you need help with eCommerce sales tax and want to learn more about TaxJar, sign up for a free trial today. Or, if you want to be part of our journey and bring your talent, join our amazing TaxJar team! Check out our jobs page to see if there is a position that’s right for you. 

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