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  • Accurate, detailed sales tax reports - Local jurisdiction reports show you sales and sales tax collected not only for each state you’re collecting in, but for local jurisdictions.
  • High performance and reliability - Our sales tax API clocks in at sub-75ms with 99.99% uptime. Check our status page for the breakdown.
  • One-click automated filing - We'll automatically file sales tax returns directly to the states for you. One click and your sales tax responsibilities are over. Available in every US state.
  • Up-to-date collection data - Your dashboard shows you how much you’ve collected in sales tax for any state you have nexus and when your next payment is due. We update your data automatically every day - no manual uploading required.
  • Support for multiple channels - Connect to all the platforms where you sell. Get all of your sales and sales tax data in one, easy-to-access location.
  • Simple pricing - No setup fees. No contracts. Pay one simple monthly fee based on your volume of transactions.

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TaxJar is the #1 sales tax automation software for eCommerce stores. More than 20,000 businesses and developers trust TaxJar to calculate sales tax for millions of transactions every month — and automate the filing of thousands of sales tax returns.

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