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Don't Let Sales Tax Nexus Sneak Up On You

TaxJar Economic Nexus Insights dashboard provides details on where you currently have nexus, where you’re approaching nexus in a new state, and recommended next steps on how to begin complying with sales tax in any new state.

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Know where you have economic nexus

Import your sales data into TaxJar to determine in which states you meet economic nexus thresholds.

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See where you’re approaching economic nexus

Once you’ve imported your sales data into TaxJar, you can determine where your sales are approaching the economic nexus threshold in each state. Recommended next steps provide guidance on how to begin complying with sales tax in any new state.

Stay in front of changes

Proactive notifications let you know when you’re approaching or reach thresholds, so you can stay in front of any changes to your nexus requirements.

Tips on how to prepare for changes
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Michael Kleinmann Underwear Expert
The reporting interface is really nice because sometimes you need to know your revenue during a time period in a certain state to determine if you're going to have nexus, or if you are getting close to having it."

Michael Kleinmann


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