Is shipping taxable?

by Mark Faggiano August 1, 2021

Last updated October 2023

Frequently asked question: Are shipping charges taxable?

Answer: It depends.

Like almost everything else in sales tax, the laws around taxability of shipping charges you pass along to your customers is not universal. Some states say it’s taxable. Others say it’s not. Imagine how much easier sales tax would be if the states worked together? This post is for online sellers who need some guidance on how each state handles shipping charges. Sort through the list below to find your state as well as other states in which you have sales tax nexus. Here are some important assumptions to keep in mind as you use this list:

  • You’re an eCommerce seller, not a traditional brick-and-mortar merchant
  • You’re delivering items to your customers via common carrier (USPS, etc)
  • You’re not delivering items yourself using your own vehicle. States may have entirely different rules for that scenario.
  • You’re shipping taxable items to customers within your state. For example, you live in Georgia and are shipping a taxable item to a customer in Georgia.
  • If you have more specific scenarios not covered by these assumptions, your best option is to talk to a representative in your state.

States where shipping is taxable

The following states say if you charge for shipping as part of an order then it’s taxable. It doesn’t matter if the shipping charge is part of the price of the item or if it’s listed separately from the price of the item.

States where shipping is not taxable if separately stated

These states say shipping charges are not taxable if you show the charge separately from the selling price of the item. They are taxable if you include the charge as part of the price of the item.

NOTE on Missouri: Starting August 28, 2017, shipping (as long as the charges are separately stated from the price of the item) will no longer be taxable in Missouri. You can read about the change to Missouri’s shipping taxability law here.

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