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TaxJar & Stripe Tax

Stripe is the payments and revenue automation platform of choice for millions of businesses around the world. Stripe acquired TaxJar to help businesses better manage tax compliance.

TaxJar and Stripe Tax are two separate products that address unique tax needs. Learn about the main features of TaxJar and Stripe Tax so you can find the right solution for your business.


Built for small and medium-sized businesses selling in the US.

  • Businesses with US sales tax obligations
  • Businesses who sell through one or more platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and more
  • Ideal for businesses needing automated US filing and remittance
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Stripe Tax

Built for businesses of all sizes with tax compliance obligations such as US sales tax, value-added tax, and goods and services tax.

  • Businesses with US and global tax obligations
  • Platforms that want to offer tax compliance to their users
  • Works best for Stripe Payments customers

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Which solution is right for your business?

TaxJar and Stripe Tax both offer a robust catalog of product tax codes to address a variety of products and business types. Both solutions provide comprehensive reporting to manage filing on your own or with a tax professional.

Stripe Tax
API access Yes Yes
Automated calculations and collections US sales tax Sales tax, VAT, & GST
Tax threshold monitoring US only US and 50+ countries
Tax reporting Yes Yes
Filing and remittance Yes Yes
Integrations 20+ prebuilt integrations Native to all Stripe products
Links to explore each product Contact sales Get started

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few common questions that come up around TaxJar and Stripe Tax: