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TaxJar provides accurate, detailed reports for sales and sales tax collected by state and local jurisdiction and estimated sales tax.

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Accurate and detailed

TaxJar’s local jurisdiction reports show sales and sales tax collected — not only for each state you’re collecting in, but for local jurisdiction (counties, cities, special jurisdictions). Your TaxJar reports show your sales tax data exactly how the state wants you to file it!

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Up-to-date collection data

Data is automatically updated daily so you can see how much you’ve collected in sales tax for any state you have nexus and when your next payment is due.

Learn how to track and handle nexus changes

Estimated sales tax reports

See a comparison of actual versus what you should have collected to determine if you’ve been collecting the right amount of sales tax.

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Michael Kleinmann Underwear Expert
The reporting interface is really nice because sometimes you need to know your revenue during a time period in a certain state to determine if you're going to have nexus, or if you are getting close to having it."

Michael Kleinmann


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