Is Shipping Taxable in Mississippi?

by Jennifer Dunn January 21, 2021

Last updated July 14, 2017

Sales tax will give e-commerce sellers a headache faster than almost anything else out there. From dealing with the states to understanding all the minutia, it seems like sales tax will never end. In this article we will explore what the state of Mississippi has to say on shipping taxability.

Is Shipping Taxable in Mississippi?

The Mississippi Department of Revenue has this rule:

Sales Tax Shipping Mississippi

That’s fairly clear. Thanks, Mississippi. It looks like eCommerce sellers will be charging sales tax on the entire price of the item, which includes shipping, handling, and delivery. Even if those charges are separately stated. If the item isn’t taxable, then the shipping isn’t taxable.

In Summary:

You will most likely charge sales tax on shipping in Mississippi.

Mississippi says that tax is charged on the whole price of the item, which includes shipping, handling and delivery, even if separately stated. If the item isn’t taxable, the shipping isn’t taxable.

Please note: This blog is for informational purposes only. Be advised that sales tax rules and laws are subject to change at any time. For specific sales tax advice regarding your business, contact a tax advisor.

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