Free Sales & Transactions Checker: find where you have nexus

by TaxJar January 20, 2021

With their landmark decision in the South Dakota v. Wayfair case, the Supreme Court of the United States allowed states to require more online sellers than ever collect sales tax.

Many sellers are, rightfully, concerned that due to this decision they may now have sales tax obligations in new states. To help, we are happy to provide the first free and totally automated Sales & Transactions Checker.

The Sales & Transactions checker allows you to find out if you are required to collect sales tax due to the Supreme Court decision, in minutes, for free.

How to use the Sales & Transactions Checker to find out where you have nexus

If you already use TaxJar, just login to your TaxJar account and click “Run the Checker” on your dashboard. And that’s it! We’ll tell you where (or if) your sales meet the requirements for economic nexus or notice & report laws.

If you are not a TaxJar customer, the Sales & Transactions Checker is still absolutely free for a limited time.

To get started:

  1. Click here to start a free TaxJar trial 
  2. Connect the places where you sell – We offer a simple one-click connection to your shopping carts and marketplaces. Once connected, we’ll begin importing your sales data into TaxJar. To compare your data against tax laws, we’ll need to import your data back to 2017. Wait until your data has been imported. (We’ll need all of your sales data. Otherwise, your check will not be 100% accurate.)
  3. On your TaxJar dashboard, click “Run the Checker” under the “Sales & Transactions Checker.”
  4. View your results – See a list of all of the states where your sales and/or transactions have exceeded that state’s economic threshold or notice & report requirement threshold. If your sales meet one of those thresholds, click “Next Steps” to read through our recommended steps on beginning to comply with sales tax in a new state.
  5. Note: We recommend running the Sales & Transactions Checker periodically to check that you have not met an economic nexus threshold.


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