Webinar: 2022 trends in sales tax compliance and subscription billing for SaaS companies

by Mike Worthington November 23, 2021

Who remembers when C.D.s were the only way to download Microsoft Office? Or the ‘simpler times’ when you could thumb through your day planner and calendar? In today’s digital age, most of what we consider products are things we’ll never physically touch yet they remain significant parts of our work and home lives. This reality came to a head in 2020 as most of the world was, by choice or by force, increasing their reliance on digital goods, services and associated subscriptions.  

For many, this isn’t new information. In general, the world has collectively  experienced a digital disruption that not only has impacted end consumers and cloud-native companies, but it’s also jumped to the top of the priority list for traditional companies. The challenge is in knowing where and how digital goods and services are taxed across states, which is confusing. As states step up their sophistication around sales tax laws for digital products and services, SaaS companies should find ways to ease the burden of tax compliance. 

As the SaaS market grows – to the tune of 15 – 20% over the next few years – so too will the number of companies that will need to get a better handle on sales tax compliance. In addition, the disruption caused by SaaS-based businesses’ fast growth amplifies the complexities around sales tax compliance and subscription billing. 

This discussion will set you on the right path towards understanding the differences between how states treat SaaS subscription models to help you monitor exposure, reduce risk, and stay compliant. 

On November 30 at 2pm EDT, join TaxJar’s V.P. of Sales, Matt Grattan, and Chargebee’s Senior Solution Consultant, Dan Shallenberger, for an open discussion around the state of SaaS as it relates to sales tax compliance and how to best set up subscription billing for your SaaS product.

During the fireside chat, we’ll also cover: 

  • Top sales tax challenges for recurring and subscription billing platforms
  • Today’s trends and tips for navigating the SaaS sales tax landscape
  • Impact of subscription billing on your sales tax exposure and risk
  • Live Q&A 

Come with a pen and paper (or note-taking app) to get an in-depth look at what your SaaS company needs to look out for heading into the 2022 tax season.  Register now to save your seat for the webinar. 

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