Amazon Fulfillment Center: Chester, Virginia

by TaxJar November 1, 2020

The Chester, Virginia Amazon Fulfillment Center has been cranking out orders since 2012 and annually hires thousands of seasonal employees to keep up with demand. If you sell on FBA, here is what you need to know about the Chester, VA Amazon warehouse.

Amazon Fulfillment Center Chester, Virginia Facts

Warehouse Number: RIC2 and RIC3

Address: 1901 Meadowville Technology Parkway Chester, VA 23836 – Chesterfield County

Size: 1 million square feet

What does the Chester, Virginia Amazon Fulfillment Center mean for Amazon FBA sellers?

As of a letter ruling from the state of Virginia on October 16, 2015, not much!

What do we mean? Until October 2015, the state of Virginia itself and most sales tax experts interpreted Virginia’s code of laws to mean that inventory in an Amazon warehouse created sales ta nexus.

But a letter ruling from Virginia’s Tax Commissioner refuted this interpretation. You can read more about the Virginia letter ruling here, and about “How to Stop Collecting Sales Tax in Virginia,” here.

So what does this mean for FBA sellers?

Having products stored in a Virginia warehouse alone does not create sales tax. So unless you have nexus in Virginia through some other business activity (physical location, employee, etc.), you do not need to collect sales tax from buyers in Virginia even if your products are in one of Virginia’s two Amazon fulfillment centers.

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