Email Automation: Increase Customer Satisfaction and Drive Sales

by TaxJar November 1, 2020

This guest post was authored by Jeff Cohen, Head of Business Development at Seller Labs

If you follow the 14 principles of Amazon than you are keenly aware that customer satisfaction is the company’s highest priority. Amazon rewards sellers who make customers happy because, to put it bluntly, happy customers spend more money.

So how do you optimize your buyers’ experience to increase customer satisfaction and drive sales?

  1. Ensure your listings are correct: Satisfying customers starts before the sale is ever completed. If your title, bullet points and photos are accurate then you increase the likelihood customer will get the product they are expecting. For example, if you are selling a single item, do not include a photo of multiple items in your listing. This could lead to buyer confusion. 
  2. Set the tone after the purchase: Messaging your customers is a great way to set the right tone—remember Amazon is already sending some messages on your behalf. You do not need to send a message to confirm the order or alert the buyer the order has shipped. You can, however, enhance the buyer’s experience and provide them with a little bit of your brand. I recommend you message your buyers when the product ships or when it is out for delivery. This message should include a “little bonus” they are not expecting, as well as a direct link to customer service. For example, if you are selling a kitchen product, your bonus could be a shopping list or recipe.
  3. Be a person, not a big company: Most buyers do not realize that Amazon has 3rd party sellers. For all they know they purchased the item from Amazon and that is who they feel they are doing business with. Distinguish yourself from Amazon and reach out to your customers, explain to them who you are, be real.Customers will, in general, want to help the little guy more than the big company. 
  4. Enhance the customer experience: With any message you send to a customer you need to always be asking yourself, “Am I enhancing the experience?” If you are, then your emails will drive a positive response. Make sure you never include coupons for a future purchase or a link to buy other product. Promotional emails to your buyers is strictly prohibited by Amazon.

The Takeaway

Whether you are a reseller looking to win the Buy Box, or a brand owner looking for product reviews, soliciting your customers for feedback is one of the best ways to grow your business.  Both product reviews and seller feedback are key indicators that signal Amazon’s algorithm that you provide social proof and are satisfying your customers. 

Earlier this year Amazon changed the algorithm for how they look at product reviews. In the past it would look at the total number of reviews a product has generated. The new update takes the recency of the reviews into account: meaning now it is more important than ever to get a consistent stream of reviews flowing through the system. The absolute best place to generate reviews is from your happy customers.

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